Previous life Future lives, and the concept of Time


About 39 years ago a movie called “On a clear day you can see Forever” was released in theaters. It stared Barbra Streisand as Daisy Gamble and Yves Montand as psychiatrist Dr. Marc Chabot. Daisy had come to Dr. Chabot hypnotized to quit smoking. During treatment, Daisy balances automatically return to Lady Melinda Winifred Wainer Tent Rees, seductive 19th century coquette. Dr. Chabot will be fascinated by this 19th-century character and continued to explore past lives. President of the University Dr. Chabot was associated CHABOT told to stop investigating past life as it was to give the University a bad name. A little later he returns and says CHABOT to continue with his studies as one of the main benefactors of the university want to know who he will be in the future life so that he can leave his money to his future self.

Can we go forward in time to see the future life? Dr. Bruce Goldberg dentist and hypnotherapist was one of the first to popularize the concept of future deterioration in his book “previous life, Future Lives”. It is now recognized by most of the past life regression therapists it is possible to develop clients for future life. But going forward in time presents us with a little pinch. Are all our lives, past and present, predetermined? How can we know something that has not yet happened? How can Karma our impact on the lives that have been lived

The West has always looked linear time; the East, especially Hindus and Buddhist have examined the cyclical time. However, Western science realize that time is a very real dimension where we can travel. Because of Einstein, often call time the fourth dimension. Spatial relativity shows that time behaves surprisingly like the three spatial dimensions and time increases as speed increases. Time present and communicate with us and space in a way stranger than anyone had thought. “Minkowski spacetime”, says time and space are not separate entities but intermingle in four-dimensional space-time. Quantum Physics, which I will not go into here, adding more support to time dimension.

How does this relate to past lives? Well, since that time, and we know it is only while we are there on the ground, after we die, we are not dependent linear elements time. When we incarnate, our soul can choose life in the 18th century or the 22 Century by which life provides the best opportunities for development. In this theory, all life lived simultaneously. Each life interact with all other life and is managed by some interactive karma.

Dr. Brian Weiss, in his book “Same Soul, Many Bodies”, discusses the future life progression. He says that in the future our life vary and how we live now will determine the future life we ​​have. This, to me, seems to be somewhat of a compromise between the linear concept of time and the consequences spacetime is Minkowski. Posting Dr. Weiss’ of the life is very understandable. We can hypothesize that their whole lives are lived simultaneously; but it is very difficult to imagine. We’re creatures of the three-dimensional world and imagine the fourth dimension is as hard for us to imagine the third dimension was for residents Edwin Abbott’s “Flatland”.

It is possible to develop customers look forward to a future life or curing them back to a past life. It is evident from all available evidence, that nothing is predetermined. There is also a theory that all life, past, present and future, influence each other in accordance with the law of karma. But, I do not progress my clients for the future life. I know that we in the West are conditioned to think of time as linear. If you go back in time to a miserable life, we see that life as done and finished with, except for Karma it can be served. However, if we go forward in time to a miserable life in the future, we feel a sense of impending danger. You may improperly change the way you live your present life to prevent future life. It is not unlike the person who sees the psychic who tells them they will have an accident next month. When next month comes, they avoid doing anything that could lead to an accident. Abnormal get their behavior can actually lead to the accident. The only time I take people out in time to see the winning lottery number. Unfortunately, so far it has not worked; but I’m always hopeful!


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