8 Future Trends in training and development


Inch by inch water level rises and there is nothing you can do except try to use sand bags or other means to protect your possessions. The river always wins

Inch by inch the water level rises. it is possible, continuous and unstoppable.

It is a bit like the future of corporate training and development. The Internet has enveloped many industries already and will, inch by inch, taking over after. Just monitor the music industry, home movies, estate agency, Electronics and books.

Internet has only lightly touched training and development so far. If you think it is enclosed in it, you’re wrong.

But inch by inch it will begin to envelop her in the coming years. Allow me to examine the changes that we can see ahead and how this will affect the training and development specialists.

Apply it, do not teach

Internet contains all you ever need to do anything. How to open drain, leave negative correlation in portfolio investment and ideas for Christmas gifts for someone who has it all.

Mobile has only exacerbated this. We can now look up how to trim Rose Bush while waiting for the number 91 bus. Mobile will dominate like we view our tablets and smartphones and 4G comes with lightning fast download speeds, this trend will accelerate.

So if we have every piece of information on our phones, why not just use it exclusively? Because it’s just too much, cluttered with ads, spam websites, erroneous information dated data. It’s like drowning.

Look carefully, however, and you can see on the internet de-clutter information and make it easy for us to consume, sometimes free, but increasingly being charged for. Take the BBC and the Open University. Collaborating to show excellent information, knowledge and technology from two trustworthy brand -. For free

Or Wikipedia or YouTube – the greatest custodian techniques, methods and how to ground

Our role as training and expert is to use the Internet but focus attention Our on applying knowledge, using it, making it fit. It is the application of technology and knowledge is the key to reflux knowledge that anyone can quite easily look up for themselves. They pay us to be able to apply it, not to look up.

This weekend 17-year-old son came home from school moaning that he did not understand the negative external demand and supply. Nor did I, where we played a YouTube video together and I was able to help Lewis apply this theory and give him some examples to bring it to life. My role as a coach was to find information and apply it to the person or challenge.

That is how we will work with the Internet. Work with it not against it.

Training simulators

Continuing this theme, the application of knowledge and technology, we need to develop our use of training simulators. Pilots, air traffic controllers train drivers use them to hone their skills before practice rather on the expensive aircraft or trains, that we should

If you have previously been “skills” on the progress of programs -. Eg listening skills, sales skills or groups of skills you can only advertise as if you have some sort of training simulation controlling program. You see, the skills in something, you have to learn the techniques and then apply them to the world. For example, learning skills meeting can not be done in a classroom setting in the traditional sense. Learning how PowerPoint chair a meeting or on the 5 principles run Teamwork

You can get this on the internet. YouTube will be hundreds of videos on the same topic. Instead, we need to help people in developing these strategies in the skills and the only way to do this is to help them on their world. In other words, how to run a group discussion with the quietest, demotivated team in the house that have been sent to a meeting to be productive and inspiring. It must be the real world – all hairy warts -. To become savvy

Our role is to set up this simulation in the first place and apply the technology to become skillful

Many of us do this in a classroom when a role play or role play on steroids with actors Part of real people. It is a simulator. Or better yet, a web based simulation package. Or even better than that, as a coach and we should evolve in a coach and go with our student to their workplace and monitor and train them while they are running at the meeting.

All trainers should be excellent coaches and credibility and substance to be able to relate to the real world. Be experts in the application of knowledge and technology. No longer can the training departments are filled with career coaches who have not experienced the real world experience, credible individuals steeped in the ability to apply.


Gamification -. taken from great gaming market

I was reading the Economist this week, they noted that the gaming industry is now worth $ 67000000000 rivaling the movie industry. Games offer excitement, entertainment, challenge and the ability to work and this is Gamification will affect training enormously in the coming years.

In his new book “For the Win ,” Werbach and Hunter insisted that the future of communication can be enhanced by gamifying style. Gamification has now entered a management buzzword file.

Games have different materials and will exercise our coach and shake.

I talk about WIPEing message.

  • W is working, the activity that you create for sending allow them to win something?
  • I for instant feedback, how can a group of players get instant feedback?
  • P is for points or marks to signify progress and achievement and
  • E is the voltage, which tells the story

So supervisors, sales managers with a message, wants to gamify their offering, especially with online training.

Low attention span

I believe that we have always tried to squeeze the round peg in the square hole when we run long two or three day our plans. I do not believe that people have the attention span large enough and they never have. But with the advent of visited the Internet and information at your finger tips, this attention span has decreased further.

Now there is no average attention span of an adult, it really depends on them, content, mood, weather, etc.

But it is clear that we can not meet the traditional training in the old-fashioned way. It has to be short and sharp and delivered in bite-sized portions if we want to keep it.

I am not referring to the method of training delivery I focused solely on the timing. We can deliver a bit big face to face, in practice, online via smartphones.

Web delivery

Internet will encase training and development by making it a place to deliver our training. We’ve all experienced static webinars, these are improving. The future will be demand learning via the Internet. People will pay for demand program if it saves time to search the internet.

Web delivery in the future will mirror what we are able to do face to face. That’s when the video will take over. If we are present, then stand, not Crouch in your seat in front of the webcam. Simulate what you do now, but deliver via the Internet. Get used to introduce a front camera imagining the audience behind the lens.

One client I work with have invested in how the supply for the future. They have converted two rooms in the video room, kitted them out with the latest video and sound equipment. Their trainers throw up and deliver training in the room to an audience on the internet not in front of them. Yes, they have a long way to go, where trainers are pretty much mirroring the way they normally would train just in front of the camera. They are adapted to make the audience more, talk to them rather than them running group exercises and let the audience do the talking too.

It will come with time.

Use of learning can be achieved by using web delivery. Discussion work very well and in the future we will all be using video based discussion forums where best practices are shared and ideas discussed

Webinars are common. they allow to give information in general. Yes, you can put your hands up and ask questions, but they are mostly clunky and technical subject. Try running Google + Hangouts immediately afterwards so few can discuss how to use ideas while looking each other straight in the eye. It is the capability of the internet that we will be more in the future.

The real future lies in something rather different, however, more on that later. Just imagine Star Trek Holodeck.

A tailored suit

price of clothing, especially clothing has plummeted so much that you can buy clothes from the supermarket for £ 20 Actually it is not the best cut world – you get what you pay for. It is to make the cost of tailored clothes somewhat cheaper though -. £ 200 to £ 300, is not uncommon, the image that you would pay for decent clothes for a few years “since

A good tailor can reduce waste your -Line least 2 inches and make you look a stone lighter. And slide the templates attached to clothes is a luxury.

Similarly, all the training in the future should be formatted. For shelves learning events just cut it anymore. You can get the same result from the Internet.

tailored or bespoked training takes longer to develop, but can concentrate solely on the care instruction. You can include other methods such as Web Delivery addition, if you want, you can use real-life examples, the actors to bring the application to life, putting learning in the workplace. You can do all sorts of things to make sure that it matters.

Future bespoked training again be applied learning with simulators. But off-the-shelf courses will disappear.

In the context of work

Out from the shackles of shelf programs or standard eLearning package, you can focus your exercises at work, in the office, on the factory floor. The future will require corporate leaders to take strong shoes, where they go and labor side labor. Armed with tablet device able to access information on the Internet, video on demand, these highly trained coaches will help people to apply learning and methods.

They deliver short, sharp sessions, where needed and when needed. In fact, manager of the future will do more of this, and we have been preaching this for ages.


With the fall off the shelf programs, stagnant eLearning package, general training, training will become more specialized and expert at what they do.

Future trainers will be experts in their field, people will demand. They will be expert not only in their content and skills and to be able to distil the internet and apply learnings working people. People will pay for knowledge in the future generalists. The Internet will be the next years general.

Trainers will be able to download real insight and wisdom, a property in addition to the Internet do not try to imitate it.

It is the future. training and development

last word – real future

First came MPG 1 as compressed audio files, by MP2 and the ubiquitous MP3 now dominates our music player. Soon after the MP4 that has done the same with video. The next step will be to compress holographic files you can send a hologram today to meet with the hologram someone else in a virtual meeting.

There may be 5 years away, perhaps longer to bring costs down, but that’s when the flood peak of their training and development will be completely surrounded by the internet. Just wait and see.


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