Future New Aircraft Concept Designs – Efficiency in wing design and Aerodynamics


Soon Boeing Corporation will design a new UAV called Phantom Ray, and boy is it cool. It use so many united aerospace and aerodynamic design and binds them all at once. It is one of the coolest unmanned futuristic new ideas about the future of aircraft that we have ever seen. Efficiency in wing design allows it to be very fuel efficient, almost invisible to radar, and maneuverability smart munitions rockets on steroids. It will also be very strong and able to take 18g is that no human pilot could do and survive.

now, I propose to use this UAV airplane unit can Swarm enemy. I suggest it flying in very tight formations with hundreds of these units. How far you ask? Attached! It is properly arranged, and side by side in a diamond or triangle configuration. Fly into enemy battlespace and then out of the crowd to swarm the target. Due to the excellent geometric shape, power to weight ratio, this seems like a no-brainer.

Some units attached form can take aircraft on advance ticket area, which means that others will have plenty of fuel left to dog-fight, engage targets at random, or assigned, then fly all the way back . The aircraft used to fly the accompanying formation of the target will be depleted of fuel and can become Finish drones or smart munitions themselves flying target as smart bombs or missiles, thus, the overall success rate is pre-known.

This can be done at a fraction of the cost of taking the enemy by conventional Fifth Generation fighter or attack aircraft with pilots and UAV Phantom Ray will be a unique lifetime rates as an example, literally to be able to participate Sams or surface to air missiles and shoot them down. The modern battlespace and future air superiority is entering a new age. In this new age, I expect us to be the leader of the free world, thanks to the Phantom Ray with Boeing.

idea of ​​swarming the enemy in battle is nothing new, it has been a constant policy of development history here on Earth. It has been discussed by Colonel Boyd, Sun Tzu, and referred to by Karl von Clausewitz. Morandi Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAVs Combat only makes sense by taking this winning process to the next level, which is exactly what my suggestion is to try. It is about working with the most advanced technology. Please consider all this.


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