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The financial concept growing in popularity and demand, Infinite Banking System is beginning to relapse negative criticism. There are those who say infinite banking is a scam. But those who do misunderstand the concept of what is being sold.

The Infinite Banking Scam

Let’s start with the Infinite Banking is not. It is not a product you can buy on the Internet. It is not a get rich scheme. And it’s not for everyone. Those who argue that there is an infinite banking scam mistake premise perpetual banking is all about. The truth is, the basis for the Infinite Banking is not even a new product. It’s been proven product that is being used in a new and innovative way.

The Infinite Banking System is the philosophy of individual branches established properly organized, dividend-paying whole life insurance policy. As a financial tool, the whole life policies proven product. Historically, insurance companies have been one of the safest places for your money. Life insurance companies invest in very safe financial instruments such as bonds, which means less investment risk policyholders.

So why is not everyone doing it?

At the core of this concept is the idea that you become your own banker phone. This requires a commitment to the idea, and discipline in practice, infinite banking.

The Infinite Banking System means you’re Saver, the borrower and the Banker own bank. You save money with your bank, you can borrow money from your bank (the terms you set!) And you pay the bank (himself) both money borrowed and interest on the money – which means that you are making money by finance yourself. “Bank” is built and financed by the dividend-paying whole life insurance policy.

When used as a bank application organized all life insurance policies different from other insurance policies. The policy provides a death benefit to your heirs, but puts more emphasis on the ability to access the cash value of the liquid assets in your account to finance life. The amount of the death benefit is reduced to increase the amount of the cash value of your policy.

Obviously, you could set up this personal banking system with either a checking account or mutual fund strategy. But the financial gain is limited to the tax consequences of each. A whole life policy offers the bank as a platform, but provides some tremendous additional benefits. By using your entire life platform, you benefit from the tax deferred growth of money, tax-free distribution of loans strategy and income-tax free death benefit to your heirs.

The cost infinitely Banking

The basis of this system is the whole life insurance policy, and there are initial costs and administrative fees associated with it. Critics of the concept point to these fees as evidence of Infinite Banking Scam.

The truth is, any fiscal policy or utility will have administrative costs associated with it. With Infinite banking, these costs are most pronounced in the early years of the policy when your access to the cash value is less than the premiums you deposit. But like all legitimate financial tools, Infinite Banking concerns about long-term success and improving people’s lives through financial independence. If policyholders are dedicated and diligent about their commitment to this system of banking, eventual profits will more than compensate for the upfront cost of insurance.

Understanding the financial sector

We can all agree that funding is a huge industry. There is also an industry that works to the benefit of institutions, and not to consumers. Let’s start by pointing out the misconceptions surrounding interest. Individuals are sold on the concept of interest. If we get 5% growth rate compared to 6.5% growth rate, we think that we are getting a good deal.

Financial institutions, on the other hand, are concerned about the volume rate. If you have financed the purchase of a home, for example, truth in lending statement will spell out exactly how much interest you are paying. You may think you’re paying 6.5% interest on the loan, but will show that the 30-year mortgage you will actually have to pay twice the price of your home in interest. It is more like a 50% interest, not 6.5%. So why not do it? . Since we do not know a better way

The Infinite Banking System offers people a better way – a way to break this cycle of making money for the banks. Of course, when policyholders are just getting started with infinite banking, they will not be able to immediately finance a new home. But they can start with a smaller, personal loans. And if they are disciplined to pay themselves back, they will soon find that they can finance the car purchase, and perhaps finally home. In fact, when used correctly, the more loans infinite Banking strategy finances, the more money it makes for its holder.

The Effective Infinite Banker

The success of the Infinite Banking is based on discipline policyholder as a personal banker of his or her. By borrowing from yourself and pay yourself back you will recover more of the principal and interest, you usually had to send away. Building insurance will reduce the number necessary to payoff the loan, and by reducing the number of payments, it is an instant benefit. More payment is applied to the principal of the growth.

In addition, a whole-life insurance policies are no transaction fees and funds are guaranteed to grow on a tax-deferred basis. Distribution of the money values ​​make the loan policies are tax-free. Withdrawals from the policy are tax-free up to the amount of the basis, or the amount you have contributed to policy. The Infinite Banking Scam is a fallacy. This system is a proven financial tool that can improve the economic life of discipline and understanding to make it work.


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