Fooling Mosquitoes with Dragonfly silhouettes?


Mosquitoes often are viruses such as West Nile virus and avian flu might also, though we do not know for sure yet? Is it possible to stop the mosquitoes eat us alive on front porches our silhouettes Dragon Flies or bats, which are mosquitoes natural prey? If they see one, they might stay away?

Well this topic recently came up in an online think thank, in fact, this silhouette ideas work of bees they get and see it is not a real flower, with other senses. We use the same kinds of ideas for the Stealth Radar signature practices against Real our units. As silly as this sounds it could work.

Mosquitoes have very few enemies, bats and dragonflies and Mosquito eat “Daddy Long Legs” mosquitoes. They are good ones. They like to eat small species of mosquitoes, which seem like birds and Humans? Bird Flu and West Nile spreaders.

I think dragonflies are insects coolest and they make a lot of sense to make Micro-Mechanical Vehicles from, to copy the design until we can take it to the next step miniaturization of sensors. Good stuff, but again this silhouette idea, what if we did a little research and it worked? Consider this in 2006.


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