The Amazing Concept of price action and trading without indicators


I do something like term price action and trading without evidence is lost in the current business world we live in now. When the business community goes insane over the latest flavor of the day. In a business world that has all these brand new clues trading robot, the position of the art business software, etc … we are definitely one of style over content .

The idea of ​​just looking at nude pictures (no evidence) may not appeal to a whole lot of people. They are likely to say “what will I be able to see to watch it?” And my answer would be all .

Without all the filler and the BS that goes on business tablet nowadays, you get to see the market in the most real picture. With price action you get to see

The Trend – You always hear about people saying trade with the trend. Well, frankly I do not know any other way to spot trends without looking at the price action. I can assure you that moving averages do not cut it

Support and Resistance Areas -. Once you know what to look for, its so obvious to spot. A basic histogram is such as x-ray on the market. It tells you exactly how traders are reacting to the price movement and in response, it is clear that there are spots in the market as traders are waiting

The Future prices . – It’s all about the fact that all markets have price action patterns that are repeated again and again, which can be used to forecast and predict future price movement. It goes back to the old adage “ Those who fail history are doomed to repeat it


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