Definition of roles in Calculus


The idea of ​​action is a very important part of Calculus because of its close links with various phenomena of reality. Before going through the formal definition of function, it is better to leave it through some illustrated examples.

Suppose a particle moves at a uniform rate of 3 km per hour. If S represents the distance in kilometers and T time in hours, S = distance in T h = 3T

When T = 0 hours, S = 0 km
When T = 1 hour, S = 3 km
When T = 2 times, S = 6 km
When T = 1/3 hours, S = 1 km.

It is clear that when T changes, S changes and corresponding to each non negative value of T, there will be only one value of S. In this situation, we say that S is a function of T. Here, T is independently variable of the set of positive real numbers because T may be any arbitrary non-negative real number. S is the dependent variable whose value depends on the value of T. This also varies over the set of positive real numbers. We will call the set of the independent variable T dynamic domain name and set of the s dynamic range of functionality. Here domain and range are both active set of positive real numbers

Now we come to the formal definition of activities -. Let A and B be two non-empty sets, then normally ‘f’ that connects to each section A with unique element B is called mapping or function of A to B. If f is a mapping from A to B we write f: A → B (read as f is a mapping from A to B). If f associates x D “A to y Д B, we say that y is a form of the element x under the map f and represent it with f (x) and we write y = f (x). The element x is called as pre-image or a negative image y.

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