Generation Gap


The concept of connecting with the community and groups, and therefore considered to be a social time; “Generation Gap” has been the subject of numerous studies that seek to explore the struggles and conflicts that are the result of a different opinion, thought, perception and even norms and values ​​that can be traced to a particular generation.

Since the advent of the industrial revolution, family structures have undergone major reversal, family in 1910 can not be compared with the family in 2010, they are poles apart in several ways. Industrial Revolution gave birth to the term “employee” who centuries later transformed man “corporate slave.” As people began to spend 20 of 30 is trying to build a career while setting off marriage and children until 40’s and their 50 , observers recorded an increase ‘older parents “in Western societies. This development is the main reason behind the wide generation gap between parents and teenagers today.

It is a fair observation to conclude that each decade has had certain traditional values ​​associated with it, the East parents 60 and 70 were certainly bounded by strict rules and regulations that promote religion and culture, but the West was only beginning view issues such as divorce, racism and drugs. Statistics indicate that between 1995 and 2010, 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce, a concept that was virtually unknown in saying the baby boomers generation 1946-1964. In today’s world, for example when a child looks at the possibilities of ending / her marriage with their “outdated” their parents more than a few eyebrows are raised. The sanctity of marriage is still held in very high regard by older generations who think Generation Y or Echo Boomers of 80’and 90 not recognize the sacred bond between a man and a woman. This difference in philosophy on such core aspects of life leads to arguments, resentment and conflicts in which children feel that parents are trying to control their lives by setting traditional rules on them.

Furthermore, in the Eastern communities, where arranged marriages are common phenomena, girls are often married off to much older men; causing rifts in the marriage because of the generation gap. When two people belonging to different generations in a changing world, every aspect of life is bound to be different. Even more trivial things as contrasting taste in music, clothes, idol, fads, hobbies and entertainment or more important issues, such as child rearing, financial decisions and career can cause marital strife generation gap affects how partners in marriage approach life in opposing ways . The relationship that this is likely to be based on aggression rather than equality.

Perhaps the most vivid example of the generation gap is a joint family system. A home organization based on both internal and extended family seeking shelter under one roof. So diverse system includes parents, children, grandparents, uncles and aunts collaborating together to drive home. Have the opportunity to interact with the elders of the family regularly can help the younger generation to take advantage of elderly wisdom, experience and good plethora of knowledge. The diversity that exists in the joint family, however, is a challenge for many as opponents argue that such a structure brings about the most damage on the minds of the young who feel suffocated when targeting other ways to deal with the same conditions cause the sale of the family because of communication problems .

In a nutshell, the generation gap is often considered to be the main cause of social problems such as divorce, breakup of families, parents, sale and disappearance of strong family bonds that were once a highlight of the traditional communities. If this difference in beliefs, values, perceptions and strategies are worked over with Effective Communication and mutual respect whether marital, parent-child or grandfather-grandson relationship, generation gap may actually be a progressive tool in understanding the community rather than an obstacle to healthy relationships.


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