Good Customer Service – An Astonishing Concept



The strong our economy, it is more crucial than ever to provide great customer service to increase customer loyalty and boost revenue. Within all sectors, companies large and small should take “extra steps” especially now , to reach out and make sure that every single customer is a satisfied customer. But increasingly, the exact opposite is happening. Negativity is breeding more negativity. Negative employees create a negative interaction with customers, resulting in negative sales and the series continues.

We’ve all experienced it at one point or another. Suddenly servers that roll their eyes as they take off uncooked meat on the table, deserted front desk you’ve been waiting in front of over 10 minutes, unaware worker who lack answers and do not care to further assist you, and best of all: company does not blame the mistakes they have did

I recently called a large well-known grooming companies are interested in making an appointment for. My Pet. “Hold please,” the man said without giving me a chance to answer. I thought the line 4 minutes, when he returns, he says, “Hey. We are drowning in a day what can I do for you?” I tell him I need to make an appointment and discuss treatment I’m looking for, but he is chatting with someone else at the same time, hardly paying attention. “Ya, uh … Our groomer is totally booked so you’re going to have to call back another time.” After several attempts to ask for adequate time to call back without success, I proceeded to tell him that I will go elsewhere for treatment pet’s sake. He said “Ok then … bye.” I stand there amazed … jaw dropped and staring at my phone. I am sad to say, this was just one of many personal experiences that I’ve had with poor customer service and more and more in recent years.

Some blame it on the economy, and some blame it on stress, but the real reason for the lack of good service is because the people who provide it. If you need to improve customer service within the company, then immediately start with your staff and the three main points of interaction

In person SMILE. Happy staff means happy customers. Make sure staff take attendance customers immediately and greeted them. It is important for staff to be friendly, support, and caring for the needs of customers at all times. If they are not to assist the customer, make sure that they are given other options or send someone over who can help them immediately

The phone :. Be a professional and speak clearly over the phone. Never put customers on hold for more than a minute. If you need more time, let the customer know that you have to put them on hold. Always return phone calls in a timely manner and have the answers or discussion topics prepared before you call back

through e-mail :. It can appear rude by e-mail back within a day and never type in all caps. Are professional signature at the end of the email listing your contact information if the customer should contact you. Spell is very easy to use and it is necessary to maintain a professional image. Literacy is good!

With the increasing amount of “going out of business” sale and Chapter 11 filings, excellent customer service should be one of your main priorities. It is a very important factor that could predict the future success of any company. With a bit of optimism and with the right staff, improve customer service skills should be painless and effective. So keep employees happy should also be one of the main focuses you in improving customer service. Employee recognition programs, holiday and birthday gift programs, award ceremonies and galas or even travel rewards incentive great ideas to keep employee satisfaction high. After all, we know that happy employees equal happy customers!


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