Buy Second Hand Concept 2 DOA machine


buy rowing machine can be quite emotional! If you’ve never seen or heard of Concept 2 machine then you will be none the wiser, and will think less equipment is actually all right and will stand the test of time. Once you’ve seen one of these, and perhaps spend some time working out on one, in the gym or “borrowed” from a friend, you really do not want to buy any other make.

If your budget does not quite allow you to spend $ 900 + on a new (and it is for new older model!) Then you’re not alone.

What about trying to second hand market, but where do you look?

eBay & other online auctions

These auction sites are obviously part of gambling, especially when you’re thinking about parting with savings. You need to make sure that the rower you are buying is in relatively good condition, some of the things to look out for with rowers and in particular the concept of the type

• You really need to have a look at one before buying! This can be difficult with the auction but try to do local search and, if necessary, wait until a suitable one becomes available, it may need a little patience!

• Make sure there is no damage to the support structure of the rower. One of the good things about the Concept 2 rower is that you can replace broken and worn parts but while okay to change some rollers or even replace the chain, replacing some basic structure as monorail & track is going the cost! Look out for cracks and other signs of damage to the main structure.

• Is rower had regular maintenance? If it has been looked after, immediately cost of ownership should be less. Look at the state of the chain, winding up the flywheel, state rollers etc.

• Where has the machine been used? Again look at the general condition of the rower. Pay close attention to the fan grill, it is full of dirt? Rowers stored in garages and do not hold the right not to be caked in mud around flywheel area.

• Give it a ‘test drive’. Is rowing action smooth and natural, make sure that the chain is not to impress you calm.

Local free advertising

Another good place to look for second hand machinery. The advice is the same as the source through the auction site.

Try and spend some time with rower before committing to buy. If you are offered a drink the current owner, why not adopt? It would give you some ‘personal time “with the machine, use this time to thoroughly check rower for damage, make sure nothing looks out of place, it has no loose parts, general Are happy with it?


This is a great machine, a regular favorite in big gyms name and structure, maintenance and support is second to none

If your budget prevents you from buying brand new . one, do not choose the next best thing and look at the inferior brand, you could just see it. The second-hand market for rowers idea is very good and provided you are patient and look rower carefully you should be able to get a good machine at a very high price.


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