Prepositions of place are easy Concept English


Learn how to use and determine prepositions of place in a sentence is one of the starting lessons in taking English courses online. Dialogue used to introduce the lesson all consist of short conversations in which you also learn how to ask for and give directions in English. At the end of the debate, you will also see a list of key English vocabulary that you will learn in this lesson. As you listen to the introductory dialogue, you can also read the words on the computer screen so that you understand what the speaker is saying.

In this early lesson, you get A Basic Introduction to the use of prepositions in English. The most commonly used prepositions to denote place are:

– of

– in

– the

– next to

– front

– of

– next


These words show where something is in relation to another object or person. Once you learn this concept in online courses are also pictures to show you the meaning of words such as the word placed under the object.

The instruction then focuses on specific place prepositions so that you know when you should use each one. In, for example, is always used to show that a person or thing is enclosed in something, such as a desk in the classroom. It can also be used to represent the geographical, such as saying that you live in a particular town or city is in a particular country.

The always toward the surface. If you say that the book is on the table this means that the book is placed on the tablet surface. It, however, refers to a particular place or a place such as this at a meeting? These two prepositions often cause the most problems for students of English as a second language because they are so similar in meaning, but they are used differently today.

The exercises you complete part of this lesson include choosing the right preposition to complete a sentence. They emphasize this mainly because these are the tricky ones. Once you understand what the prepositions that you can easily use them today and understand their meaning when you hear or read them.

Another part of the grammar exercises involves sentences in which the words are not placed in the correct order. You need to write sentences in the right order and setting capitalization and punctuation where needed. This type of exercise will not only give you practice in using place prepositions, but will review what you have learned in previous lessons. This is also a way for you to have fun while you are learning English. When you are satisfied that you understand the concept, you can take the exam at the lesson to see how well you do. Do not be disappointed if you make a mistake because making mistakes is an important part of learning.


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