TOLL GATE FAQ – 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


The whole TOLL GATE phenomenon is not a new concept. Rather, it is dormant concept is just now taking out of the closet again. The whole Toll Gate approach is to start a massive revival and for good reason. In order to make money on the Internet it seems like it is a never ending set of things that one needs to learn in order to make any money. I mean things like list building, email auto responder messages, sales letters, squeeze pages, up sell, cross sell, trade, split testing and on and on. Who has time to learn all this stuff? And just when you learn all the displayed video, audio and webinars. Give me a break I have too much information. What about you?

Enter Tollgate method has the ability to make you tons of money without all the hassle of learning the above materials. Just if Toll Gate process is new to you; it is simply standing in the middle of collecting money from both parties and act as a gate keeper. Sounds easy. It is compared with all the other stuff you need to learn to make money on the Internet

top 5 questions along with our answers :.

1. Exactly what is TOLL GATE?

The Toll Gate process is where you act as an agent for two different entities and collect fees from both parties.

2. How easy it is to start making these types of offers?

As with any new venture there is a learning curve associated with any level of success. The good news is that learning is actually rather short and very intense. It helps to have a vision for the benefit of all parties can be easily communicated.

3. If I was just starting out as a total newbie would should I do first?

Like any other thing that you do for the first time crawl before you walk and walk before you run. The same applies TollGating. Start with the obvious deal that is small and local. Hooking up a dry cleaner with a local dentist and a dry cleaner pass out fliers at the dry cleaners contribute dentist. This is simple and easy to deal with little effort on your part.

4. When I have one or two local deals under my belt what should I do next?

It really depends on how confident you are with your skills. The big deals are going mostly to do on the network. This type of contract is where you sit in the middle and connect two large companies. One list of customers and the other with goods to be distribution. Sit in the middle of Tollgate and collect fees from both sides as they pass go.

5. How do you suggest I go about doing research to find possible moment?

We use the fact that a number of different methods when it comes to research. The first and most logical is to contact the people you already know. Go in with the attitude really trying to help them thrive. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Become a reporter, if you want. Find out what business person really needs help with and then find a solution.

Doing research on the Internet to find business fits is also the logical next step. Try to understand what would make a good game and then go for it. The first couple of times must not lead to putting an agreement together but the information you learn will be invaluable.

Research and constantly receiving offers that viable corporate interests will lead to higher closing ratios over time.


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