Understanding the Concept Optimization


Linear programming is operations research techniques that originated in 1950. Having diverse practical applications, the technology has benefited immensely from various institutions in their production and other functions. Professor G.B. Dantzig is one of the pioneers in the developed procedure Linear programming

This technology can be applied in different situations :. Visibility planning, production planning, warehouse decisions, physical decisions distribution, marketing and product mix decisions, liquid blending problems, exploration of oil deposits, purchase decisions, quality control decisions, management decisions, etc.

basic problem solved by linear programming is optimizing either profit or total cost or some other utility function. It takes into account the limitations restrictions on supply or use different resources such as manpower, machines, materials, time and money as well as other limitations and restrictions, such as those available on the market (for example, only so many units of the product could be sold ) or quality specifications, such as maximum or minimum performance properties of products, etc. In short Linear programming deals with optimization desired goals under circumstances in which there are various constraints. Most management problems are optimal problem decisions made under various restrictions. The Linear programming rightly draws attention to the practice managers.

We can show what linear programming methods through a simple example. Suppose a company produces two products X and Y, both have certain ingredients and specific machine. Product X requires 4 machine hours and 3 kg of raw material per unit of product, and product Y requires 2 machine hours and 6 kg of raw material per unit of product. Assume that the supply of machine hours and raw materials is limited. The raw material is available to a maximum extend only 240 kg per month and mechanical classes are available due to extend only 200 machine hours per month. Each of the products X and Y contribute to margin of $ 7 and $ 9 respectively per unit of product. How many units of goods X and Y, the enterprise should produce every month?

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