Concept Mouldings aims to make vehicles safer for pedestrians


From the dawn of the automobile era up to this day, the vehicle received a lot of improvement. On of the more interesting aspects of the car that has received much attention from car manufacturers is security. As a matter of fact, one car manufacturer stands out because of safety features -. Volvo

But manufacturers are not only entities and make their contribution to progress in the security of passenger cars. Other companies specialize in different systems and they work with automakers such as integrating developed their security systems in cars that are sold in the market.

Vehicle safety of not only the safety of its occupants in case of confrontation. The vehicles are also considered safe if aside from keeping its passengers safe, it also does not have the serious threats to pedestrians and cyclists. This is the goal of Concept Mouldings in the development and production of active and passive safety systems in. The company is now looking for partners in the automotive industry to integrate their products to the vehicles that are available to the public.

One notable development is the frontal protection system. The use of said technology on vehicles makes them up to 50 percent safer for pedestrians and cyclists. The idea of ​​the system is about recording a significant amount of force in cases of collisions with pedestrians or cyclists.

The company has been developing security systems for vehicles to more tan 15 years. Their knowledge and experience made them one of the most sought after suppliers moldings vehicle parts and accessories. Vehicles like Land Rover P38A Range Rover has been hiring security system developed by the company since 1993. And recently, creative engineering solutions provider is seeking more partners in the automotive industry while the European Automotive Design road show.

The Endura FPS from Concept Mouldings is the latest schedule. The system is integrated into the front of the vehicle and is designed to absorb much of the impact of the collision with the pedestrian. This system, while providing security for a person on foot, also offers adequate protection to the front of the vehicle as radiator and engine. The product provides good pedestrian protection if the brakes are not enough to avoid a collision with the pedestrian.

Currently, while Concept Mouldings is still seeking more partners, they are offering their products and aftermarket parts. This is suitable for drivers who want to make their car safer not only for themselves but for those whom they might happen to bump into. The company is looking forward to the integration of their products to design vehicles for several years. They have a wide array of patented security system that they are willing to provide to companies that are willing to enter into a partnership with them.

If the company joins with another automotive company, development of security will be much better. Concept Mouldings looks to develop the Endura FPS into an active pre-collision devices. The product can be integrated with other security systems in the car just like airbags. These airbags can be deployed to protect the pedestrian from hitting the windshield of vehicles, the company also looks to develop technology that will prevent or reduce the risk of pedestrians pass under the vehicle in the event of a crash.

products of the company have been tested on different vehicles and the result shows that with their FPS, stop pedestrians have been significantly reduced. They even tested their security vehicles built for the 1992 model year.


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