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self your concept consists of a set of beliefs you have about yourself in relation to the self, identity and self-worth; concept of talent, skills and what you think you are able or unable to reach. It is all encompassing idea that you have of yourself. There is an impression; caused by your knowledge and your experience of life and the meaning that you have attached the experience.

Every human being born soon develops its own identity. You are the author of the theory you have about yourself. The story does not end with you to develop self-concept; not until you form an idea about you, but it starts to shape up into a man or a woman, according to this idea. This quickly becomes personal truth; law of your being – the real experience of life. As an ideal, it takes hold of you and gives color and meaning in life. It will literally life. As a routine, you form the first expression of self and the self-concept you shape up. This becomes self-employment, sustain and maintain the side.

Now, as you read this article, all you see in your life and the world around you is defined with reference to the self-concept website. The quality of life in all their bearings is the quality of your self concept. The theory that you have about yourself, it is a sign of the event in your life and understanding you follow the events; this will be a true experience of life; personal truth. Someone said that the experience is not what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you.

Henry Ford understood self concept vis-à-vis personal truth when he said that “if you think you are capable or not ,. Either way you are right,” According to your faith will it be done for you . The impression about yourself is the ceiling for potential and creative advice for success or failure in life; it defines the goal of life and length of reach. Results you get epitomize opinion you hold about yourself. It determines how much contribution; it affects the life you have chosen; all your decisions in life have their root in theory you have about yourself. Your self-concept is what is driving your life.

Do you think that you have a constructive identity? In what areas can improve the quality of the thoughts you think of you? What negative self publication clog your mind? These and many other similar questions should participate in the deliberation of every seeker.

You will not be able to achieve the dreams of your life if your idea of ​​self refuses to achieve these dreams. This is based on the self your idea is good, even allowing for a conception of the larger vision for your life. It is a negative self-image and mental images that you have about yourself and about your place in the grand scheme of things that prevent you from truly live more abundant life.

Sit down; write down what you want in your life. What religion changes you can make in your life that would help you achieve these goals? Focus on the most immediate things you can do; small changes you can start with. Personal growth is a life long process; as long as we live there will always be new barriers to trade and new worlds to discover. The important thing is for you to start where you are and what you have. Commit yourself to the way of personal growth; adopt a process of self development where you are constantly becoming more; build for you a positive momentum towards growth and development. By constantly challenging your limiting beliefs, creating a new and constructive personal truth for life; it is only then you will really start to see and experience what promises and wonderful things this world has for you.


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