What is Big Hairy Audacious and? – Is it your goal


Big hairy audacious goal are called Bhag’s (pronounced BeeHaagh).

Have you heard the term before. It originates from the book “built to last” by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras.

In their research, Collins and Porras found that businesses that were built to last (and later those who went from Good to Great) had long-term goals that were on the edge of a very ambitious still possible.

Many companies focus on goals set out today, this week, this month or the next one to five years. It is important to set this goal, but in the long term it is necessary to understand where the company is headed and what is expected of employees and the team.

Only Bhag business can truly go from good to great, and then build up to last.

What Bhag?

A Bhag set of goals that makes people think about the finish line. The goal gets people excited and gives them a clear reason for doing what they do every single day.

Good Bhag creates two links with business. First, it brings with Hedgehog concept and one that builds on the momentum in the flywheel policy

In line with the Hedgehog concept your needs Bhag website to fit with what you are :.

1) Passionate about

2) you can be the best in the world,

3) and it needs to fit in with what drives the Economic Engine.

If the long-term does not fit these three factors that Bhag will not survive.

It is not always easy to come up with a Bhag but if you have developed Hedgehog Concept that addresses your organization on how to be successful and it will be a catalyst to develop your Bhag.

That is, how to create Bhag attached to the frame needs to be audacious, but also to achieve.

Second, Bhag must match the Flywheel technology. Often in business it takes time to learn the Hedgehog Concept. To do so you may need to try different strategies one comes with as the key winner.

It could start with one project and then another until you realize that you are riding the momentum flywheel phone.

It is the perfect time to put your Bhag. You have a clear understanding of the Hedgehog concept and flywheel is spinning faster and faster and it is gaining momentum.

It’s time to create Vision, Bhag website

Now that business understands the Hedgehog Concept and you flywheel spinning it’s time to create a vision or Bhag website.

Henry Ford Big hairy audacious goal. He was not the first to have the idea of ​​creating a vehicle. He was not even close to the first.

What Henry Ford created the long term to create a vehicle for the mass public. Up until his idea vehicle was only for the elite class. You had to have the wealth to afford such a luxury.

Henry Ford realized that he was passionate about cars. He found a way of building affordable cars and the model was profitable.

From there he put the Bhag him to become the largest automobile manufacturer in the world and within a few decades, which is exactly what happened.

goal was big and audacious, but then the team understood that it could be achieved. They could see momentum building. They were on board and they knew when they came to the mark because the company became the largest in the world.

Amazon is another example. The company was founded in the early days of the Internet and Ecommerce boom. The company started by selling books.

Momentum began to build around this idea and soon the Amazon, the largest online bookseller in the world.

But it was not enough. When the goal was Amazon realized that there had to be another mark or other Bhag.

Today, Amazon is focused on becoming the most customer-centric company in the world. They have passion. They know that they can achieve it. They have a profitable business model.

It is a goal to achieve.

Final Challenge

Now it’s time to put your Bhag.

Share your idea for Big hairy audacious goal of the company in the comments.

Let’s discuss the future of the company and how you can achieve your goal in the next two decades.

To your success



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