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Future Ford hybrid


with all the attention that Nissan, Toyota and General Motors have attracted in recent hybrid industry, Ford is stable, slowly inching its way towards the leading position in the competition to get the most popular and reliable electric cars on the market. With the success of the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius, Ford noticed and the profitable trend in the guise of industry wave that was just starting to swell.

Today, Ford continues to lobby the media and Congress to offer better and more tax incentives to produce hybrid vehicles. Bill Ford, the design and expectations to make Ford innovative leader in the competitive high-tech hybrid market. Ford does not like to carry on the tradition as much as it is now planned to renovate and restore their ground-breaking and innovative future.

Some Recent figures

As July 16, 2013, Ford has quadrupled its stake in American electrified vehicle market. The company has expanded its growth by hiring new engineers, spend more on research and development, including new plants and facilities and focus on efficiency improvements. Ford’s share of the US market has climbed 16 percent, up 12 Share points. While sharing Toyota has dipped to 8 degrees, and much of it due to the conversion of the new Ford C-MAX hybrid. Ford vehicle sales have shown a 400 percent increase in one year and amounted to 46.197 units sold to June this year. The Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid and Ford C-MAX hybrid have pushed most of the sales growth. Strand markets, Texas and Florida have strong sales and trade in the appeal of the C-MAX, but Toyota sales have fallen 5 percent. According to Polk registration data, the first five months of 2013 has seen Ford at California market.

In just the last month, C-MAX accounted for 64 percent of the non-Ford brand owners who traded in a Toyota Prius for the Ford C-MAX. Ford has realized the fastest retail growth in all other species in the coastal market, reducing 2.5 percentage points from 2008. The company has almost a full percentage point since the beginning of the year.

The Lincoln MKZ demand has forced Lincoln to a production of 40 percent, a 20 percent increase. Lincoln has realized influx of new buyers who have shown up in their country in increasing numbers.

The success of Going Electric

Ford versatile fuel-efficient lineup of vehicles, trucks and utilities have all shown a profit this year. Passenger car its share in the coastal area has grown about three times faster than the rest of the industry. The greatest gains have come from Ford small cars, small utilities and midsize sedans that have contributed 42 percent of its growth in the last five years. The compacts have led the way, as the Focus, Fiesta and C-MAX, pulling in more than 35.851 sales in just the last month, nearly 40 percent increase from the previous year. Best selling utility in America’s Escape, the Fusion has topped sales for the first six months of 2013. Overall, the utility line has taken top honors for the past three years, with the Ford F-Series outselling all other brands pickups for 36 years directly.

Mileage Upgrade for hybrid

Ford has focused on road fuel economy of her for all its 2013 hybrid models in Canada and the US They will begin performance calibration upgrade in August 2013 for the Lincoln MKZ, Fusion and C-MAX hybrids. The areas receiving upgrades, including increasing the electric speed phase of 85 mph, from 62 mph, introducing Active Grille Shutters to reduce drag in all driving conditions, slow speed fan to reduce energy consumption and reduce heat-up time by 50 percent to allow electric only drive the machine shutdown. The air conditioning systems will be cleaned, cut down on the use of the compressor during cold weather operation. The areas calibration updates and improvements will cover the city and highway driving, extended cold weather and timing conditioning operation.

Stars of the Future

Ford aims to take advantage of the most successful selling his pickup all the time, the F-150. It seems like they will be forging new ground with him. Ford split from the joint venture with Toyota to produce hybrid rear-wheel-drive pickup and now intends to develop its own version of the house. To start things off for 2014, Ford will cut significant weight F-150 up to 700 pounds, just in time for the 2014 debut at the Detroit Auto Show. Longer-term forecasts for full-size pickups and SUVs are proposals and plans to meet or exceed the standard of 54.5 mpg projected for 2025. But Ford hopes to have a full hybrid versions of their cars and SUVs before the decade is out.


HR as a “Strategic Business Partner”? 5 Concepts To Really Being A People Oriented Company


The Human Resources team being a “Strategic Business Partner” with the Operations team is not a new notion.

HR should not be Considered a “partner” Because HR is part of the organization making it whole not a separate organization with similar goals as term partnership implies. Maybe the view of being a “partner” Contribute to ongoing battle That HR Can be viewed quite ofter as a separate identity from other departments in the company.

I ofter hear things like “How do we get HR a seat at the table? ” HR professional Oftel view Themselves as an individual entity from the other teams in the organization if They want to admit it or not. “What are WE (HR) going to do to get THEM (everyone else) to understand?”

Human Resources team is often viewed by people inside HR and out as “HR against everyone else.” So for instance, if the strategy of the HR team is to “break down the walls between departments” How Can this effectively occur When HR is viewed as an outsider? Trying to break the walls down beforehand They are ready to Can inadvertently createTextNode Higher ones and Can continue the cycle.

So what do WE (The organization as a WHOLE) do? There as so many concepts, theories, practices and models out there It can make your head spin. Which one is the best?

Almost anything I Delve Into has HR / Business concepts or elements That are in common. Most thing that I Personally agree with Integrated are in one way or another with the next and it is not Because I am being one sided in my research. It is Because the books, articles, and website and blogs I research are by people That have proven success in HR and Business and are sharing Their knowledge, successes and failures.

So what do WE (The organization as a WHOLE) do all join forces inside the company?

REALLY be people oriented.

1-Listen to your people.

Many companies like the idea of ​​saying They have an open door to all employee’s ideas. BUT do They Really? Many companies like to say They are “Focused on the people” and I am sure They would really like to be. If you dissect the actual facts, They are not. If you look at the “Best Places to Work” in the USA They have one thing in common, no matter what the product, it is people Focused first.

It is amazing what you can Learn about your organization þegar people are truly Encouraged to speak up.

2 Foster a work environment That Embraces truly a “Bias for Action” atmosphere at all levels. In Many organizations if you just act in the best interest of your customer, client, subordinates and then ask for permission, you get in trouble.

More Oftel I see organizations That are inconsistent with this philosophy. In reality it is more of a “some people Can be take action, and others Can take action sometimes but only if Those actions are nominal.”

Other companies Will Claim to encouragements employees to be to take action but in reality They are really “if you are part of upper management or in HR You Can bias for action but if you are lower on the totem pole, there Will Be career Consequences for your actions.”

Pretending to take action Taking action is not.

3- Challenge The Same Old to Change the Status Quo

How Can an organization move forward if no one scrutinizes What They are Today doing to make it better?

Staying the joint does not grow an organization. Not ever being complacent with the status quo does. The Biggest hero’s in the business world are never referred to as the man / women That just showed & up Each day and did the samething over and over day in and day out. Personally, I would be uncomfortable to be known as someone WHO is just consistent. I preferring to be known as someone WHO is consistent, BUT consistently passionate about Growing the business, Taking action and inspiring others to do the Same!

You have Heard the saying- “If you do what you always do, Will you do what you have always got “It does not even fit anymore. It shouldnt now be “The companies do That What They always do, get a bankruptcy attorney.”

4- Discover underutilized and under Developed talent in your organization . To put it plainly and simply “Use by ‘or Lose the”! ” To quote Marcus Buckingham author of First Break all the Rules and Go put your strength to Work , “People are not an organizations best asset, peoples strength are.” This is Actually one of my all time favorite quotes.

How many times have you Heard Variations of “It is too bad he left us for themself, he has so much potential.” Potential !? Potential !? The definition of potential is the Capable of being or Becoming skies. Is it Possible? DEVELOP HIM! Do not lose HIM!

I speak to Hundreds of Talented candidates in a year. Of course I ofter ask the obvious question. “Why do you want to leave your present position? All to Oftel I hear” I am looking for a better OPPORTUNITY “This Can mean so many things but Can it be I am just speaking with someone That is under Developed or underutilized? Am I speaking to a person That may work for you?

Oftel Employers are under utilizing talent. I am not saying everyone Can be promoted to CEO I am saying if you have people That unmistakably stand above the rest as consistent, high performers and / or leaders, you better pay attention, these are the companies future. Many companies like to referenda to These people as “High Potential.” If you know They stand out, Oftel They Know They do as well and are in waiting for you to notice. Notice! If you are not in a position to Promote this person, or if That is not an option in your company, show Appreciation, Provide Them with Ability to lead, developping others and Themselves. Do something! Make sure They do know that you notice! Because if you do not, I promise you, other companies Will.

Strategic Business? How about Aligning the talent you have. Now that’s a Strategy! Move your company forward by utilizing current talent, These people Already work for the organization, and They are invested in to the future of the organization That is why They are there. Stop over Analyzing the past, Learn from it, and use this talent to move forward, discoverable future goals and future threats.

5- continued Training and Development in all Areas.

Never, never stop training and developing talent.

All too ofter programs come and go with no real impact on the organization. What a waste of time and money. Oftel promising programs are Developed and implemented. They come out of the gate full force, EVERYONE is trained and energized! Then, that was it. No support or continued development of the program and the developers want to know where They went wrong. Oftel They did not do anything wrong, They did exactly what They were to do but take the blame When it fails. It was a failure after the initial Implementation When it was out of the hands of the developers and trainers. The program gets passed over to the people it was designed to benefit and They are trained and then sent out to put it Into practice and They do not.

Why? Did the program stink? Probably not. How about this for a concept; Are the people That shouldnt be exec ting the plan, Actually trained on exec ting the plan or was the “training” just understanding what the plan is designed to do?

HR is part of the organization making it whole . As a HR professional stop Trying to get a seat at the table in which you sit. Just be a rational, influential, motiv ting part of the business strategic plans moving forward. Acknowledgement past good and bad Patterns make informed suggestions and decisions to move the organization forward.

Human Resources professionals igniting to be the first to embrace change. This is your OPPORTUNITY to be influential and inspiring to Those Reluctant to embrace the strategic change.

If you view yourself as an individual entity apart from the other teams in the organization You will be an individual identity. This practice will not be the effective When Bringing your EXPERTISE forward When Human Resources changes are Necessary. Be part of the organizations solutions, not part of the barriers.

If companies do not grow and change They do not move forward. In reality change is much less threatening then having to look for a job When your company becomes extinct Because it did not keep up. So if That is the case how come Oftel When we see a “major” change to processes you see a negative vibe to follow? To me, it is clear. Too much all at once, it is reactive to the company’s lack of continued ongoing incremental growth changes.

Personally, I not only embrace Any change in my organization, I Actually thrive on it! It invigorates me Even if it Can threatenings my very existence in the organization. I have Heard comments like “If you do not like this plan, process, policy, do not worry, just hold on, it Will Change. All I can say is,” I hope so. “


Future hovercraft


hovercraft was invented 50 years ago, still according to media reports, many people think that hovercraft disappeared about 20 years later. This misunderstanding again proves that you should never believe what you read in the newspapers. As Mark Twain would have said “Reports hovercraft death are greatly exaggerated”

hovercraft production continues to increase and new production processes and materials are to reduce the cost of ownership to make mass adoption more likely. Hovercraft are now more affordable and smaller versions do activities ownership possible. 50 years from now, with Seawaters rising due to global warming, perhaps we will all drive hovercraft instead of cars.

50 years from now, flooding will be more frequent, and the hovercraft will be necessary to assist rescue operations. More people will get cut off the rising tides, and will need to rescue from the mud and quicksand. As winter temperatures rise, the ice will be thin, and the use of snowmobiles over the icy waters will become even more precarious, who will skate on thin ice.

Higher water levels are changing the landscape and maps are reviewed to ensure their accuracy against satellite and GPS data. As we have seen this year, floods can cause expensive damage and seriously disrupt our lives. The commuter hovercraft could be more efficient than the car for getting to work. It will be quicker to take the hovercraft to win and go to the lake or river than take the car with congested roads

In trying to predict the trend, commentators consider changing situation. improvements in affordability hovercraft will help mass adoption. For hovercraft generally recognized, we need to look at the development that occurs with smaller hovercraft. As a motorcar, affordability is the key to mass adoption.

Large hovercraft remain expensive, so the mass adoption of hovercraft will be driven by development and affordability of personal leisure hovercraft. These smaller Hovercraft versions are already making a big impact on employment, such as rescue, commercial surveying, etc.

Leisure hovercraft is fun to fly, easy to drive with an integrated air suspension and easy to operate. Simply turn the throttle and feel the air blow hovercraft skirt, to gently raise you up and drive you out of the friction-free phone journey of exploration. Experience the freedom to fly down to the beach or slipway and enjoy a smooth transition from land over water. Imagine the freedom of use 24/7; without restrictions imposed by the tide, you just flies out to sea, the mud or sand.

Boat and Jet Ski owners waiting for the tide, and the need to plan their trips under the restrictions imposed by the tidal currents. Boat owners need to watch out for submerged rocks and coral, hovercraft owners fear not, as hovercraft have no screws to get damaged, they just fly out of clay or sand when they want. It only takes a short time for users to get a sense of control and anti-gravity flight. Personal hovercraft can travel at speeds up to 40 miles per hour, race craft go even faster, but with friction free transportation, any small hovercraft will ensure hovering experience the adrenalin rush. A number of entrepreneurial companies now offer hovercraft experience days for passengers to experience water land transitions, or allow one to master the controls leisure hovercraft.

UK based manufacturer Reaction International Ltd is currently enjoying considerable success with a small 3 person hovercraft known as Hov Pod. ( )

All hovercraft are subject body weight in the past, hobbyists and enthusiasts have competed with each other on weekends at home crafted from very thin GRP to reduce weight to a minimum . Race hovercraft can reach speeds up to 70 miles per hour, the lightweight construction compromises often durability, so Hov Pod hull is designed primarily for commercial and leisure market from a substance called HDPE, or High Density Polyethylene.

New lightweight engine development make leisure hovercraft suitable for use as rescue hovercraft flooding the earth, including ice and mud rescue. Every year, people succumb to drowning and hypothermia after falling through the ice. Accident through ice fishing, or the use of snowmobiles traveling over thin ice (global warming affect ice thickness). In colder climates, dog owners regularly throw sticks for poops their trustingly reach of iced over lakes. Unfortunately, too often, dog owners regularly fall through the ice trying to save furry friends, like feeling overcomes logic. (They are usually heavier than dogs so likely to fall through the ice) rescue boats are pretty useless on ice and mud, and in cold conditions, hypothermia is a real danger, as it slows down the senses and mobility. Small hovercraft are quickly able to reach the victims as they hover above any flat surface, and do it without exposing rescuers to the problem that faces the victims. (save them, do not join them)

rescue boats also fail of flooding, where the screws get snarled submerged street furniture and wire fences straddled across the fields. Hovercraft have no screws so have no problem with submerged obstacles in the flooding emergency, in fact hovercraft are happy to travel over any flat surface.

Small hovercraft is easier to export than larger cousins, so are in great demand for homeland security patrols to protect citizens from terrorism and the invasion border as recent terrorism in Mumbai. Less patrol hovercraft sent over a wider area can be more effective than one or two large patrol craft. Hovercraft have no screws to get snagged on the roots of the mangrove trees. Hovercraft can monitor coastal areas to prevent the invasion of drug and people traffickers. Hovercraft are less likely to place the mines, and provide a much more stable platform based on boats; This is useful when firing of warning shots.

Must hovercraft still be around 50 years from now? We certainly think so. New technology provides the technology, such as computer-aided design to engineer components with tolerances far tighter than possible 50 years ago. Computers interact with robotic CNC machines to produce engineering parts to very tight tolerances to reduce vibration and wear and reduce noise. Regulators in some countries continue to try to sort hovercraft as boats or planes (You mean it flies like a plane, depending on the water?) But there is no turning back for the hovercraft, they are here to stay and news The station falls in the media can be a little inaccurate and ignorant of the current pace of development. Hovercraft are fun, adaptable, useful, great for work in rivers and lakes, reaching Lakeside property, rescue, patrol, environmental surveys, commercial applications, shell fishing and definitely fun.


How to design your own ideas Your Cars


A concept car is a car that features an unusual design and it is focused at all certain aspects like the style or new technology. The purpose of designing a concept car to generate consumer interest before the car is produced. The manufacturer will see what public opinion before they decide to mass produce the car. If the public shows a positive response, manufacturers likely will produce it. Generally, most concept cars do not mass produced where costs can be very expensive. However, this should not discourage you from designing your own concept cars, especially if you have talent. When it comes to design, there are no limits to what you can and can not do. Do not think about whether the car will be produced or not. To design your own concept cars, you just have to follow these five simple steps:

1. Determine concept or theme that you want to highlight. You may want to focus on content, engine type, or shape. If you work in a group brainstorming is a good way to gather ideas. In the discussion, choose the innovative concept or combine the best of two ideas.

2. Sketch car manually, not in the computer first. You have to make rough sketches of both internal and external. When you create a sketch by hand, do not expect perfection. Let the ideas flow and show it through the main drawing.

3. Select a color scheme that shows the overall theme. At least, you have to choose colors that look attractive. You can change colors later when you have moved to the next process, but it is important to plan the colors first.

4. Now you can use your computer to optimize the design. You can use any graphics software you like, but if you expect the best results, you must use the best software. If you want to see the car from different angles, you can use 3D design software. You can also use computer-aided design (CAD) program to design a machine or other specific parts of the car. At this stage, you also have to think about the details. Make sure you design details like mirrors, door handles or safety well.

5. Last but not least, a model. Work will be easier if you can use a car as the basis of design. You can use the toy and change it with your own design. So you should do digital design and 3D physical model.


Why is Nursing Theory Important Nursing Practices?


Nursing theory is an important part of the curriculum in order to become a nurse. There are many things that are taught and discussed in the chest theory classes that make it all an important part of any degree in nursing. Subject teaching nursing takes Considerations much impact on practice nursing as they are today and how things have evolved to the extent that they are present. Various types who are concerned with the actions of nursing are also discussed in these classes and composition of different schools of thought form the past and present helps students understand the need and importance of nursing practice in our world.

As study the theoretical concept, theory nursing has also many different things that start with a story about how nursing came to be and how theories shaped by people over time. They also incorporate models as holistic healing also need to understand to a certain extent. Efficiency practice depends entirely on how the theory is taught.

There are theories that help students identify major checkpoints in the advancement of nursing over the centuries. The next part of the theory of nursing is always how nursing is today and how things have changed from the past. Understanding the balance between technology and age-old techniques are also taught. The stress of being able to empathize with patients with recent examples like Florence Nightingale is well known to students. It is also important to establish a real world view of nursing as a profession with high standards. The Real World concepts of teaching nursing homes are able to come and mapping it in a very efficient manner as nurses are shown what nursing has become the profession and what qualities a student who is studying to become a nurse must have.


The Future of Alternative Fuels – A Research Study Into America’s Transition Away From Gasoline



Since the 1970s, America’s fuel imports have almost tripled. The country is now importing over 12 million barrels of crude oil a day. That’s just over half of the oil we are using Currently in America – over 20 million barrels a day. The majority of this fuel is going to power transportation, most of-which is used in consumer motor vehicles. The more America increase its dependence on petroleum, the faster oil reserves become depleted. We are only decade away from the point at which there is too little petroleum to make gasoline left a feasible fuel. Americans cringe at $ 4.00 per gallon gas prices, but cringe is all we do. We continue to pay the asking price for the only fuel That Can make our cars run. But what happens at $ 10.00 or $ 25.00 per gallon? The rate That gas prices have raised in the past couple years show us That These extremes are chillingly close. [1]

While Several fuel alternatives have Begun to show promise, They all Seem to also have distinct drawback. Some fuel alternatives could be too costly to become a commercially viable alternative to gasoline. Other more costeffective fuels do not Appear to meet the range of Requirements demanded by consumers. Few of These sources Currently Appear to be Capable of matching the energy output of gasoline. Best estimates suggest That Within 40 years, crude oil resources Will be sufficiently depleted as to render gasoline commercially unviable. It is crucial That we Quickly find an acceptable replacement for gasoline.

In addition, it takes no stretch of the imagination to understand what levels of pollution are being created by our nation’s oil addiction. One only has to look at the skies above New York City or Los Angeles to see where we have come in the past century of automotive transportation. It is easy to see That alternative fuels Will be needed very Shortly to replace gasoline. Still, it is equally Important That the next fuel we RELY on does nothing more to pollute the environment. In the best-case Scenario, our next national fuel Should Assist in alleviating our current levels of pollution.


Because of the booming industries That alternative fuels are creatingtheir, Many more engineers Will be required for research and development. These engineers Will play principle roles in the Biggest Breakthrough in alternative fuels in our Lifetime. Furthermore, engineers Will be needed to design the new infrastructure That Will be used for the transportation and delivery of new fuel systems. With this in mind, it is imperative That engineers continue to investable time and intellectual capital to further scientific developments of alternative fuels. The research of Today Will be the answer of tomorrow.


Research in the field of alternative fuels is a booming industry. There are dozens of potential fuels that show some potential as a viable alternative to fossil fuels. For the purposes of our paper, We will review the six fuels That we believe to have the greatest likelihood of replacing traditional fossil fuels. These are: biodiesel; hydrogen; methanol; ethanol; electricity; and natural gas. Each of These fuels has had extensive testing to Demonstrate Substantialrating potential as an answer to America’s quest for a replacement of gasoline.

DIMENSIONS OF comparison

For a Credible comparison, it is Important factors on standardized basis for evaluation be created and Applied equally to each of the six fuels. To of this, We will be evaluating the fuels on The following criteria:

-Power output

-cos and ease of production

-Environmental effects


We have Rated Each fuel in each of These categories on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the Highest. This Will Allow quantitative comparison. Renew Ability is double weighted in our comparison due to its Importance in solving the energy crisis in a sustainable manner. Continuing below is a full analysis of six These alternative fuels on the above mentioned dimensions of comparison.


Biodiesel is a fuel created from organic oils, such as vegetable or seed oils. The production process uses chemical reactions to create Create the liquid fuel. Biodiesel is an alternative to petro diesel and Can be substituted for petroleum diesel in most diesel engines with little or no modifications to the engine Itself. The fuel is Already commonly added to diesel fuel in small amounts. B20, a common fuel mixture, is 80% petroleum diesel and 20% biodiesel. Many countries Already have Laws requiring specific percent ages of biodiesel additions to petrodiesel. [2]

Biodiesel: Power Output

100% pure biodiesel (B100) has a power output of just slightly less than that of standard petrodiesel. B100 has a power rating of 118.296 Btu / gallon, about 8.5% less than petrodiesel’s 129.500 Btu / gallon rating. B20 (20% biodiesel) has a power rating only 1.73% less than petrodiesel. Because pure biodiesel has slightly less energy density as compared to its petroleum-based counterpart, a slightly larger volume of biodiesel is required as compared to petrodiesel to travel the joint distance [3]. Because of the relative energy density of biodiesel as compared to petroleum-based fuels, we have assigned a rating of biodiesel 7 for power potential.

Biodiesel: Cost of Production

Biodiesel is most commonly and efficiently produced using a process called trans esterification. Through trans esterification, the alkoxy group of an organic ester compound is Replaced by another alcohol, usually methanol or ethanol. The process of Creating biodiesel is relatively simple, but not Nearly as cheap. Best estimates put B100 at about $ 3.50 per gallon [4-5]. Even though $ 3.50 is Currently comparable to gasoline prices, the efficiency ratio of biodiesel to petroleum fuels must be Taken Into Account. A gallon of biodiesel just does not go as far as a gallon of petro diesel. Therefore, it would cost more to travel a set distance using biodiesel as compared to gasoline. For These Reasons, we have assigned biodiesel a value of 5 for cost.

Biodiesel and the Environment

Biodiesel is an environmentally friendly fuel. The liquid fuel Itself is biodegradable, and therefore does not pose the Risks Associated with petroleum based oil waste. Biodiesel is Actually 10 times less toxic than regular table salt, Which makes the fuel much safer to handle than gasoline.

The combustion of biodiesel Produces significantly less harmful emissions than petrodiesel.

Emissions from B100 have reductions of 67% of unburned hydrocarbons, 48% less poisonous carbon monoxides and 47% less particulate matter, as compared to gasoline. Howeverwhole, biodiesel has around a 10% increase in nitrogen oxides, Which are a large factor in the creation of smog. [6] Because of the reduction in poisonous emissions, we have an 8 Rated biodiesel for environmental effects. Biodiesel has Many environmental Advantages, but the increase in nitrogen oxide emissions has kept us from rating it Any Higher.

Biodiesel: renewability of

Biodiesel is an excellent example of a renewable resource. The material components used in the creation of biodiesel are entirely organic. In addition, there are Hundreds of diverse plant species That have known potential in biodiesel production. As long as there are oil-producing plants in existence, as well as the organic material needed to create CREATE alcohol, there Will be the means for producing biodiesel. We have therefore given biodiesel a 9 for the category of renewability.


Hydrogen powered fuel cells have been touted by Oftel advocates of alternative fuel. In fact, When one THINKS of alternative fuel Possibilities, ofter the first image to come to mind is a hydrogen car. Howeverwhole, hydrogen fuel has problems under the surface, Which could limit its use as a fuel in the future.

Hydrogen Power Output

There are Two Ways to harness energy from hydrogen. The first, and less efficient method is through combustion of hydrogen, similar to the internal combustion of gasoline or diesel. The more efficient use of hydrogen is in a hydrogen fuel cell, in which the hydrogen reacts with oxygen to produce water and electricity. The electricity is then used to power electric motors propel the car That. Through this method, a hydrogen fuel cell would have 25% greater power efficiency than gasoline [7]. Because of this high efficiency, we have a 9 Rated hydrogen for power.

Hydrogen: Cost of Production

Hydrogen Can be produced in various doorways. Most production procedures for hydrogen gas involve fossil fuels Such as coal, natural gas and petroleum gas. A more renewable method for Creating hydrogen is through a process called electrolysis, sem releases hydrogen from water. This is also a much cleaner process for collecting hydrogen [5].

Hydrogen production is prohibitively expensive. To make Matters worse, the Cheapest method of producing hydrogen is through using fossil fuels. Using renewable resources for hydrogen production is a very Inefficient process, around 25% efficiency at best. In addition, fuel cell costs are enormous due to the Fragility and the high cost of rare materials, like platinum, Which are vital to Their construction.

Some non-fuel cell type hydrogen cars are Already on the road, thanks to the Efforts of a small number of private entities. There are a few small companies sell That custom internal combustion engine hydrogen cars with fees well Into the six figures. For example, one start-up company Offers to convert a Hummer to hydrogen power via the less efficient internal combustion method for $ 60,000, not Including the price of the Hummer [8]. Because of the inefficiency of hydrogen production, as well as the price tag for the fuel alone, we have assigned hydrogen a 3 for cost.

Hydrogen Environmental Impact

A car running on a hydrogen fuel cell releases no harmful pollutants in its emissions. In fact, the only compound leaving the tailpipe of a hydrogen fuel cell powered car is pure water. As good as this sounds, one needs to asses the ‘cradle to grave’ effects of hydrogen on the environment. The Easiest and most common process for the production of hydrogen, sem is through fossil fuels, Actually Create more pollution than just running a car on That Same fossil fuel. Therefore, a car running on hydrogen would produce more pollutants than a car running on gasoline [7].

On the surface, hydrogen might Appear to be the best alternative fuel for the environment. Howeverwhole, Will it take a significant technological breakthrough Before an efficient process for hydrogen production Can Be Developed to Eliminate harmful emissions. Because of the total pollution caused in the hydrogen process, we are rating a hydrogen 4 for the environment. One day there may be an environmentally friendly and costeffective way to produce hydrogen. For now, That day is not in sight.

Hydrogen: Longevity

Hydrogen is a basic and common element on this planet. It Will always be around in some form or another, and thus, Will always be a Possibility for fuel. Howeverwhole, the most common collection processes for hydrogen utilize fossil fuels. This means That there will come a day where the only means for hydrogen production is through the very Inefficient and costly renewable process of hydrolysis. At That point, it Will be much more advisable to put Into That energy more efficient methods of transportation. For These Reasons, we rate hydrogen as a 6 for sustainability.


Over 100 years ago, Henry Ford described ethanol as “The fuel of the future.” His famous model T was originally designed to run on pure ethanol. Howeverwhole, Because of oil reserves discovered in Texas, ethanol soon took a back seat to the less expensive and better performing petroleum based gasoline. But Because ethanol has been used as a fuel for so long, the benefits are well Understood. With gasoline’s Days Numbered, ethanol is beginning to look much more attractive, and is one of the front-runners in Today’s race for alternative fuels [9].

Ethanol: Power Output

Testing shows That ethanol has a lower fuel density than gasoline by about 33%. That meansthat a car Capable of achieving 30 miles per gallon on gasoline would only get 20 miles per gallon using ethanol [10]. Howeverwhole, the production and costs Associated with ethanol could help to offset this lack of energy potential. This Will be covered in more detail in the next section. We have assigned a value of 5 to ethanol for power output.

Ethanol: Price and Production

Ethanol is most commonly produced in the United States using domestic ally grown corn in a process where SUGARS from the plant undergo fermentations with yeast. The process is around 40-50% efficient. Howeverwhole, the Amount of farm land needed to grow enough corn to supply our country’s fuel needs is enormous. Estimates suggest That about 70% of America’s farm land would need to shift to corn production, with the entireties crop going to ethanol Instead of human consumption or animal feed. While corn is the predominant plant for use in ethanol production in the United States, there are severalfold foreign plants That yield much Higher levels of ethanol. For example, Brazilian ethanol production is much more efficient than American ethanol production, axis Brazilian sugar cane Produces five times the organic SUGARS found in corn. [5]

While efficient, in certainties Climates it Can Be Difficult to run a car on 100% pure ethanol Because the fuel is not volatile enough to start an engine at low temperatures. To combat this problem, ethanol is ofter oversold as an 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline mixture known as E85. E85 costs about $ 2.50 per gallon, though the price Will Likely most fluctuates as corn prices fluctuates with demand for ethanol [11]. The $ 2.50 per gallon figure is substantially less expensive alreadysubmitted than gasoline, and the cost many Will only increase as gasoline prices rise. We have Rated ethanol a 7 for production and costs.

Ethanol: Effect on the Environment

Ethanol is a small, simple biodegradable molecule and therefore does not pose the joint threats as petroleum-based fuels , or the crude oil They are derived from. Ethanol emissions consist of two main products, carbon dioxide and water. While carbon dioxide is not a poisonous gas, it does Contribute to global warming through the greenhouse effect. Ethanol combustion howeverwhole does Reduce Many of the harmful emissions That are created from gasoline combustion. As compared to gasoline, ethanol Create 40% less carbon monoxides gas, 20% less particulate matter, 10% less smog-forming nitrogen oxides, and 80% less sulfate emissions [12].

Even though ethanol combustion emissions are lower in mostly all of the toxic gases found in gasoline emissions, ethanol production releases air pollutants. This has to be factored Into the overall environmental effect of ethanol use. All Things Considered, we have assigned a 6 ethanol for Environmental Concerns.

Ethanol: renewability of

Ethanol is a good example of a renewable resource. Created from plant SUGARS and fermented with yeast, the production of ethanol is an organic process That Can be repeated as long as These basic biological building blocks are available. So for as long as WE CAN grow corn, we have the Ability to produce ethanol. We have Rated ethanol as an 8 for renewability.


Methanol is an alcohol fuel similar to ethanol. The fuel is produced from methane gas Primarily, Which is the chief constituent of the fossil fuel natural gas. Recently though, there has been considerable research Into Using various forms of Biomass to createTextNode methanol in a renewable fashion. This would increase the renewable production of methanol.

Methanol: Power Potential

Methanol’s energy storage is only about 60% of the energy capacity of gasoline. Howeverwhole, it does have a Higher octane rating (123) as compared to premium gasoline (93). This Allows for Higher compression ratios of the fuel in the engine cylinder, making the fuel burn hotter and more efficiently. Because of the significant difference in potential energy between methanol and gasoline, we have Rated methanol a 5 for power potential.

Methanol: Production and Expenses

Methanol is most commonly produced from methane gas, Oftel coming from natural gas. Howeverwhole, it is also Possible to produce methanol from a “Biomass-To-Liquid” process using renewable resources with efficiencies Reaching 75%. Similar to ethanol, methanol is not sufficiently volatile to Ignite at low temperatures, so an 85% methanol and 15% gasoline mixture (m85) has been Developed to Solve this problem. [13]

Methanol Currently costs about 40 % less than gasoline (assuming a national average of $ 3.50 per gallon of gasoline) in equal amounts, but Because the fuel is also about 40% less efficient, the price saving is negated. That is to say, $ 1.00 Will buy a greater volume of methanol, but it Will take you about as far as $ 1.00 of gasoline. This simply means that he went a car to travel as far as one could with gasoline, the joint car would have to store a larger volume of methanol onboard [5]. Methanol was assigned a 6 for cost in our rating system.

Methanol: Environmental Concerns

methanol fuel in its liquid form is extremely poisonous – four times as toxic as gasoline. Less than a cup is enough to cause blindness or death. The fumes Can be inhaled during the pumping process, and methanol Even Can be absorbed through the skin directly Into the blood stream. The fuel Can also be very anticorrosive to vital engine parts SUCH AS hoses and injectors, meaning That a revamping of engine components is required to convert a gasoline powered car to Operates on methanol.

Emissions testing of m85 have shown That it does performaces well in reducing the toxins produced by gasoline emissions. As compared to gasoline, there is a 36% reduction in nitrogen oxides, 53% reduction in carbon monoxides, and 74% fewer hydrocarbons equivalents [14]. Even though methanol does performaces well in emissions testing, the extreme toxicity of the fuel has to be Taken Into consideration. We have Rated methanol as a 5 for environmental safety.

Methanol: renewability of

Because methanol is Currently being produced through the use of the fossil fuel natural gas, the process is not renewable. Howeverwhole, there are alternative production methods That use Biomass and fermentations to createTextNode methanol in a renewable way. The Biomass used in this process Can Even come from consumer waste, such as sewage and landfill gas. Further research needs to be Performed to continue to expand the base of materials That Can be included in this “Biomass-To-Liquid” process, but at 75% efficiency so far, methanol could become a viable renewable resource [13]. We have assigned a methanol 7 for renewability.


Electricity powered transportation is not new. The first electric trolley was built in 1835 with an electric carriage Following a few years later. The technology is well know, and Constantly Improving. In the past two decade, severalfold concept and production cars have been created by large car companies Such as GM, Honda and Toyota to Demonstrate the feasibility of electric cars. In the future, electric power could be one of the most sustainable alternative fuels [15].

Electric Power

The power of an electric car is directly related to the power of the battery. Battery power is Measured in kilowatts, with 100 kW equaling approximately 135 horsepower. Historic Ally electric cars have received criticism for having poor range on one battery charge. Many earlier electric vehicles released in the 1990’s had ranges of only 50 or 60 miles on a charge. New innovations in batteries, with the most recent being the powerfulness lithium ion batteries, promise to drastically increase the range of electric vehicles. Some of the newest batteries have storage capabilities of over 120 kW, and Can Allow a car to travel Hundreds of miles. We have an 8 Rated electricity for power potential [16].

Cost and Generation of Electricity

Most electricity in the United States is still being produced through coal-fired power plants. Howeverwhole, there is an Increasing Amount of electrical energy being created through completely renewable resources Such as solar, wind and hydro power. Electricity production through electric companies is low cost in the United States. Last year the average price of electricity was under $ 0.10 per kWh. The cost of electricity to power electric vehicles is only about 25% of the cost of alternative liquid fuels. In addition, electric motors That are Responsible for providing the mechanical power for electric vehicles Achieve around 90% efficiency [17]. Because of the high efficiency and low cost of electric power, we are rating it a 9 for production and cost.

Electric Power Environmental Effects

Electric vehicles produce no emissions. The only emissions created from the electrical process are from the production of electricity. Electricity produced from coal burning power plants Continues to release toxic sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide Into the atmosphere. Howeverwhole, When electricity is generated from renewable resources, there are no emissions in the production process Either or the use of electricity in the electric vehicles. That meansthat a car Can drive Any distance with absolutely no emissions of Any kind [5]. Because of the Increasing Amount of clean electricity being generated as well as the lack of emissions from electrical power, we have a 9 Rated electricity for the environment.

Electricity Does not Grow on Trees

Electricity still has to be generated in some form or fashion. The best hope for electric cars Will be to continue to investable time and resources Into research of renewable sources for electrical energy production. Because of the lack of emissions of electric cars, They could pose the best Possible replacement for gasoline. It Will only requires the development of more renewable electric energy to have a completely emission free means of transportation. We rate the renewability of electricity at 9


Natural gas is another alternative to gasoline That has Already seen some use in cars Today. Honda created a Civic GX in 2005 That runs on compressed natural gas, and Can be refilled at home with a compressor. The fuel Itself does indeed representational a viable alternative to gasoline, but there is no disguising the fact That it is still a fossil fuel doomed to Extinction [5].

Natural Gas: Power Efficiency

The power generated by natural gas is just below That of gasoline, by approximately 1%. Howeverwhole, the Higher octane rating of natural gas (120) Allows for Higher compression ratios in combustion engines, Which Contribute more efficient burning of the fuel, and generate more power. This Helps to make natural gas combustion slightly cleaner as compared to standard gasoline combustion as well [18]. We have natural gas Rated as an 8 for power effic

Natural Gas: Costs and Production

Natural gas Can be obtained from sources severalfold. Primarily it comes from underground oil fields in Either a dissolved or isolated form, but also from its own separate natural gas fields and from coal beds. The gas then goes through a processing plant where severalfold of its natural constituents, such as acids, mercury, sulfur and water are removed. The gas can then be pipelined for delivery.

The cost of natural gas in the United States is Currently around $ 7.00 per 1,000 cubic feet. This is roughly equal to 1 million BTUs. The cost per gallon equivalent to gasoline would put natural gas at about $ 1.50 per gallon equivalent [19]. The relative ease of purification and transport of natural gas, combined with the cost equivalent to gasoline leads us to assign natural gas an 8 for production and cost.

Natural Gas Environmental Aspects

Natural gas has mixed benefits and draw backs When it comes to emissions. The benefits are That Many of the smog and global warming compounds That are generated from gasoline combustion are found in much lower levels in natural gas. To start, natural gas emissions produce about 25% less carbon dioxide levels, 75% less nitrogen oxides, and almost no sulfur or mercury compounds. Howeverwhole, burning natural gas Produces slightly Higher amounts of carbon monoxides gas than gasoline [18]. All Things Considered, we have natural gas Rated a 7 for environment effects.

Natural Gas: renewability of

There is no escaping the fact That natural gas is a fossil fuel. Once natural gas has been depleted, Any engines That ran on natural gas willhave to be modified for use with other combustible gases if Their use is to be continued. There are no processes known to Exist That are Capable of producing synthetic natural gas. For this reason, we have Rated natural gas as a 0 for renewability.

THE ruling

After thorough research and careful analysis, we feel comfortable in making a prediction as to the potential future of These fuels, as well as Their sustainability in the long run. We have concluded That while each of These fuels may have Advantages That Make Them appealing in one form or another, the next couple of Decade Will show a shift towards cars That Operates on biodiesel and electricity. Eventually, we believe That electric cars Will become the most commonly used form of transportation, surpassing biofuel cars as the mainstream used in daily driving.

howeverwhole, we also PREDICT That for Many years there Will be a combination of fuel sources powering transportation. We feel That it is Possible That a typical family might have severalfold differently powered cars for separate purposes. A smaller electric car could be used for the daily commute or to pick up the groceries, while a biodiesel powered SUV might take the family on vacation or performaces other long range driving Tasks. Differences In these fuels result in niche markets in which They performaces well their movement given duty.

Sustainability: THE FUTURE

We PREDICT That biodiesel Will continue to undergo development as an alternative fuel, and Will catch on in the next decade or so as a viable option for a versatile fuel based on its good performance and environmental benefits. B80 Will probably become a common Fueling option, as its power output is close to gasoline, and its price Will continue to become increasingly attractive as gasoline costs rise. Howeverwhole, our country will not be Able to produce enough biodiesel to establishments it as the sole fuel to power our nation. Because of the limit on the Amount of biodiesel WE CAN produce, it will not be Able to independently replace gasoline as our nation’s sole transportation fuel.

Hydrogen powered fuel cells would be a great way to power cars – if the technology were available. Use of hydrogen willcontinue to undergo research and development, but it Will Be at least 10-20 years beforehand fuel cells are commonly oversold in cars, and Even then the high prices will keep most buyers away. Slow incorporation of hydrogen Fueling stations as well as the cost of hydrogen fuel Will also be a deterrent to hydrogen-powered cars Becoming commonplace. We Acknowledge that, in theory, hydrogen fuel cells are a highly efficient method of Fueling transportation. Because of this, it is only a matter of time Before the technology Catches up. Howeverwhole, by the time fuel cells are simple and affordable enough for the daily driver, electric cars willhave become everyday vehicles on America’s roads, and by then Their efficiencies could Even be better than that of hydrogen.

Ethanol and methanol are both potential fuels, but limited supplies of source materials and limited power output will not Allow These alcohol fuels to be used as a primary fuel consumer. Howeverwhole, They may live on as specialty fuels for buses and other forms of public transportation due to lower demand and the portability of Their vehicles to carry more liquid fuel on board.

Electricity Will Most Likely be powering the transportation of the future. In 1996 GM introduced the EV1, a two-seater electric car That could be charged at home in 8 hours and driven for up 150 miles on one charge using the batteries available at the time. While not commercial successes, as only about 1000 cars were built, the EV1s Proved That electric cars could be produced and used effectively for daily travel and were a strong competitor to gasoline powered cars. New battery developments Will dramatically increase the range of electric vehicles while keeping the efficiency and low cost benefits of the cars intact. [20]

Natural gas works well for powering cars Today. A few cars have been produced That run on natural gas, as well as a line of city buses. The technology works well, and the emissions are an improvement as compared to gasoline. Howeverwhole, natural gas will not last. It Will eventually meet the co untimely end as gasoline, and thus does not Provide a sustainable alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles. Natural gas may, howeverwhole, Provide a grace period during the transition away from gasoline.

Finally, we can not be certainties as to what the future Will hold for alternative fuels.

Future Cities


In a recent post to answer The Futurist “Outlook 2010” magazine asks the question “What’s next for the 21st century cities? While some things are strong, and the importance of raising and ongoing review and discussion you can not do too much, there are some things that are over-simplified and somewhat narrow-minded.

Take, for example, opening claim that “Cities are simply more sophisticated now.” I suppose residents Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece could take umbrage with such thinking. Everything is relative, living in and through which contemporary society certainly has its complications. After all, a world full of ATMs, telephone, and indoor plumbing could look at of previous generations that simple.

The Futurist makes ten predictions that “will shape cities,” separating the environmental, government, and the information sections. The Environmental headline Colorful Solar Energy and flood coastal cities. thin solar film quotes MIT that can “do double duty as tinted windows” is an interesting innovation, but it does little to address the core issues behind energy, then be a need for increased reliability, greater efficiency and reduced costs to make this credible scale choice. Furthermore setting sun film on vertical surfaces limiting daily exposure to the sun, especially in the cavernous streets of the city, much less create a clear conflict with the more standard and passive measures, such as eaves and overhangs that help prevent solar heat gain. So, while technology is interesting, promise reshape cities based on the technology is flawed.

Second, the environment, the idea of ​​fourteen degree Celsius warming would raise sea of ​​seventy-five meters and set up a coastal city in the risk of flooding. These are certainly alarming figures, the global warming debate rages on the difficulty in pinning down exactly where the planet is going in terms of actual warming and subsequent sea level rise. Although some warming and subsequent sea level rise seems legitimate, the judgment is stopped here based on a lack of confidence in the hard data.

Continue with plans for the government to identify local fragmentation, where local authorities “will have more influence than governments.” While difficult to make a sweeping generalization like this – would you rather countless local forces or central United States Army? – There is merit in calling for city-building measures to be treated in a more local scale. But, I would ratchet it up from localism, and call for increased regionalism. With the ever growing confidence in transportation, technology and commerce network, it would be irresponsible to promote localism at the expense of regionalism.

Also as part of the government is heading sensors and nano-technology, health monitoring, analysis, and strategies must increasingly do virtually. I loathe personal day that medical care is dispensed by a robot or computer, rather than a human presence of a doctor or nurse. As with global warming, health care debate rages on. I can not begin to predict where it will end, but I really hope that a human touch is still part of medicine, as I imagine it always will be.

Finally, The Futurist pointed Augmented Reality and Telecommuting as a factor that will shape the cities in our “information society”. Telecommuting is expected to increase (if only more jobs Telecommute to), but due to the reduction of road infrastructure is questionable. Streets and transportation are still driven by where we choose to live, and there will always be some who prefer the urban lifestyle, suburban living, rural lifestyle and everything in between. While vehicle miles traveled (VMT) may for some people as a result of telecommuting, people still crave social interaction, whether at the office water cooler or the neighborhood Starbucks. So maybe VMT down time in cars goes down, the streets will still be required to obtain a growing population to their destinations. And further, what does the rise of telecommuting mean for transport? If taken to the extreme it, fewer workers may amount to fewer drivers, but also fewer transit riders. And if the roads appear less congested, some transit riders may be compelled to return to their cars. Fewer transit riders means reduced income, which then could mean cuts in services. And the downward spiral continues. Again, we return to the question of the true extent of cover fjarfundabúnadar, but the debate is important, anyway.

Next, Augmented Reality speaks for “sensors, digital maps, and real-time data to enrich the experience of our cities.” As Urbanist and boosters of cities, this bothers me the most. Beauty cities, and one of the many features that make cities organic and exciting, the joy of discovery, chance encounters and variety. What happens when a discovery is taken away? When expectations are set every step of the way, environmental control, and like-minded people corralled in a specific part of the city, indeed, we have been shopping from our urban areas. True, this image is taken to an extreme; and yes, some level of flatness has crept into parts of our cities already, and, of course, some neighborhoods are clearly avoided by some people, the idea of ​​promoting this and promote this should not be encouraged.

dispute me on some of these topics, is intended to stimulate discussion and conversation. Issues are important, as is the need for dialogue. Cities are incredibly complex, and always has been. Changes, whether big or small, set off a series of events with consequences far beyond what can reasonably be expected. As Urbanist However, my assumption is that cities are attractive and should be tried en masse, and the social interaction drives the global community forward. After all, isolation cocoon people do little to improve themselves or society.


Business Strategy Future plans


The Importance of Business Strategy.

Many operators become so caught up in day to day operations of their business that they devote little time to consider their business strategy for the future. However, put some time aside now can benefit your business significantly. While you are pre-occupied with the daily demands or minor crises company, things are happening in your blind spot! Advances are occurring in technology and customer requirements for faster and more efficient services is increasing.

At the same time, close to a competitor can be engaged to develop a business strategy for the future, determined to climb over you to the top! Small business analysis and planning now could help you to take the lead.

Do you want to be competitive in your field? If you do, spend time on your business by analyzing your current situation. Develop business strategy and technology strategy that will help your business grow and develop profit trends, technologies and customer expectations change.

Analyse business.

As you analyze your business and plan a new business strategy, you need to consider several aspects of your business. This should include human resources, technology assets and processes, advertising strategies and the needs and desires of your customers. Do you meet the expectations of your customers? Are you taking full advantage of the Internet and all it offers? Are new trend coming to require you to change the product range or upgrade services you offer? If it is, make changes before your competitors do can give you a big advantage and increase your profits!

Consider your current methods of operation. You can apply the new technology to increase the efficiency of the company? Will the technology that you have been adequate in the future? Are you employees utilize technology to benefit your business or do they need more training? Technology and the changes it brings are inescapable. It advances the ever increasing rate, and many over-worked operators, it is just too easy to slip back and lose touch with the changes. It pays for the modern enterprise to have a technical strategy in place to ensure that they remain competitive.

Development technology strategy.

Content technology strategy will depend on the nature of your business – whether you’re selling technology or simply use it for running the operation. If you sell it, part of the technology strategy will be designed to ensure you keep up to date on current products. There are other things to consider too – changes in technology that are likely to bring about new trends or products? Depending on the nature of your business, the technology may be new ways of marketing your products or services, product development, plans to attend relevant conferences and expos, or simply to ensure that you are subscribing to industry publications for up to date information.

If your business is service orientated, the main role of technology in your business is likely to be in daily business operations. It is no less important. The quality and speed of your service can determine the quality of the technology you are using. Quality and speed of service are extremely important to your customers. If you want to be competitive or take the lead in the field, keeping systems up to date is a necessity

Think about some of the companies that have left you intact over the years and why it occurred -. It is quite likely that when you walked out the door that you considered them to be behind the times! Having a business strategy for the future and technology to keep you in the front will give you a significant advantage of your potential competitors from touching.


Future Technology and innovative idea Topics and ideas of honored and Radio


Greetings and welcome to my radio listening audience and online readers article. On this 19th day of October 2012, we will of course discuss the future of technology, future innovations and futuristic concepts. Indeed I hope truly Mayan calendar was wrong, or maybe they carved it ran entirely out of stone simply slipped out of rock to chisel on, the world will be saved from what it was the Mayans thought could be new age or renewal.

Okay so, I’d like to delve into the subject of our radio talk show today and I am sure that now you understand format, basically, “I will do the talking for 30 minutes minus advertising Your job is to listen carefully, come up with comments and questions, and then I’ll open up the phone lines to hear what you have to say. “As you also probably I do not respond to online comments are not intellectually based. It does not mean you can not have an opinion, nor does it mean that it has to be the same as mine. In fact, if you too much preaching to the choir, I will simply cut you off, might agree with you, and go to the next caller.

Our job is to have intellectual discussion, debate, discussion and debate. That is why you are here, it is my role, and we will finish it. Now then obviously there is a tremendous amount of talk about innovation, the need for innovators and entrepreneurs in our country to keep us strong, vibrant, and cutting edge technology. You will not get any disagreement in the reality, however, it seems as if the word “innovation” is perhaps one of the most overused words in the English language now, perhaps more than “unsustainable” which by the way, some things may appear to be unsustainable or disastrous problems we believe we face today, but may very well be resolved with the technology of the future

Einstein used to say that. “it takes a brilliant person to solve the problem, but it takes a creative genius to prevent the problem from ever happening in the first place,” and therefore I would say that creative geniuses do not always get credit for solving the problem, but brilliant person will, even if the previous solutions have changed unintended consequences, and they are rehired to fix what they broke for the first time by including fixing something to save us all.

Well then, here’s where I’m going to start throwing out stuff, with little discussion follows each one. They will run the gamut all across the board from a science fiction subject to the latest and greatest technology today and what they might mean for our future. I will also throw out some personal original new ideas that I come up with at least two new original ideas a day, and we can discuss them as well if you want, or maybe you’ll have a different topic for our discussion here. Now then, let’s start with the first material ;.

1) Will Physical Money survive the next three decades – Hackers and Trade Questioned

In reality, money has little or no value – consider dollar bill, it is just a flimsy piece of paper, so how much is it really worth it? We believe that it is worth what it says on the face of it if there is one dollar, five dollars, $ 10, $ 20, $ 50, or even C-note. Money only works because people have faith in the value of, and what it can buy. Most of the money is made these days never exist in physical form, it is only in the digital world. For example, you might get paid from the Corporation, that money could digitally transferred into your bank account. You may then use the ATM to buy something, or pay bills online, but you never had the money in a hot little hands. Things have changed a lot over the last three decades have not they?

So what will happen in another three decades, I ask? Will we still have physical money, or it will all be digital, and you will always have all the money in your wallet to buy something? There are some futurists believe that the money will go out the window, that is physical money, and everything will be digital in the future. But what if our society and culture does not trust digital money? What if they are concerned that our banks are being hacked? Recently in 2012 we have observed that our banks have come under cyber-attacks from Iran at least Leon Panetta believes that’s where the attack originated, but who is to say in the future if we have a war with another nation on Cyber ​​-attacks Our monetary system must not have?

After all, economic warfare is becoming quite common, why just consider sanctions, trade war, and our efforts to stop the money flow from terrorists, drug dealers, money launderers and human traffickers along with central computer systems rogue nations and transfer their money for things like oil, natural resources, and military armament?

Then what’s the point now where more and more people are making mobile payments mobile Personal Tech their devices. Today they are buying a cup of coffee, hamburger, or a variety of items in stores. In the future it could be much more, or if it will be unreliable or the personal technology devices are hackers, perhaps through download applications from malware, or from users surfing websites with malware, then people will not trust mobile payments. Some have suggested that some personal technology devices can actually come with pre-loaded back-door or software that could be used by hackers to steal data or commit identity theft crimes.

may arise in which people do not T wishing to buy something online, or do online banking because they do not trust the system, they do not want their money to disappear one day into some of some foreign country. Having someone drain your bank account only needs to happen once, and only needs to happen to a close friend or family member before everyone they know will be sketchy. In case you do not want to use digital money, and that the case more people will prefer to use physical money, because it is quite possible that physical money will be simply as a safety factor in the decades to come.

But how safe is the physical money going to be if a disaster or wildfire that burned home, or earthquake? What about the hurricane with a huge tidal wave, tsunami, or major river banks jump? Is your money safe physical, how much safer it is digital money in this case? Speaking of disasters and floods, perhaps we can better predict the future? Let’s talk about that for a moment with the next topic in our

2) We need a real test for the 100-year flood Mathematical Calculations – A Thought

How can we produce better mathematical calculations for. flood zone, or proverbial hundred year flood? What can we do to better optimize these mathematical models so that they are quite right? Lots of work has been done in the past based on height, and flood mapping. But there’s more to it than that, there are all sorts of other things to consider with erosion patterns. Let me give you an idea here?

We dates, temperature, rain fall and run-off right, we know the history, as well as the measured territory before and after right? Thus, all very good mathematical simulation erosion should look the same as real if you input how the landscape was once a temporary condition to what it is now. See point

It is very interesting YouTube video I would view this content, successful side issue, agricultural top soil erosion. “Dave Montgomery – Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations,” Now then, let me express my thoughts on this that, all these theories and speculation make a lot of sense with unlimited examples in the current period of reduced scales – rational, visible, and thus makes it sense, so then, Razor Occam lives.

So, my speculation of a lecture by Dave Montgomery and theory would be the same. Indeed, this was a great lecture, solid evidence and research. Well then, now we can now put forward these results to help scale mathematical models and simulations of soil erosion. Let me ask another question, or perhaps the same question differently.;?

3) we can use mathematics Fractal Simulation for Fool human When View erosion Patterns

If so, it would be like the Turing Test? And if so, can I call it virtual reality Winslow test, called me to consider it? If you are a pilot as I am, and you fly over the territory, you’ll see various patterns of how the mountains and the erosion had occurred over the past few thousand to 10,000 years ago. You can see the floodplains, mountains, canyons, and it all makes sense – you can see exactly how the water flows, or had slipped in the past. What if we used a computer to design the erosion patterns that never happened, and what if we asked people, perhaps a pilot who has seen and flown over the territory of so many times in the past if it was real or not?

Are our computer models good enough to fool the human eye? I’m talking about the training of observers who have seen this in the past again and again? Is it possible; I think it is. And so, how do you know when you look at Google Earth if you are looking at your performance, or fake Birdseye view that perhaps closer to a military base, or secret areas? The fact is that you’re not, or you? How about those who work for the national satellite intelligence agencies, where all they do is study the terrain map? Could they catch the difference?

Before you answer, the question of why do not you use Google Earth satellite views and fly across the desert in Nevada. Some of the material looks very strange with weird colors, but it’s all true. If you doubt that it is real, go ahead and fly over southern Bolivia in Google Earth and see some of the landscape of salt flats of the area and up against the mountains, you get the same interesting colors, much of it seems to be real either, but it is. Some of the features that NASA has looked on Mars do not look real, but they are.

No, they are not the same as warming the erosion patterns that we see now could have been created by wind, there is a different atmosphere, or lack of. Do you see my point? Not long ago, I was watching online video lecture on erosion patterns, Stephen Wolfram is a new type of science, and Mathematica – fractals and mathematical simulation programs and erosion patterns. They are incredibly predictable, and that in itself is interesting. It is as if you can see in the geological record through the ages.

You may want to see some of that yourself. And speaking of free lectures, university lectures on just about any topic you want, I wonder if it will change the future of higher education in, why go to school and pay $ 100,000 to Get an Advanced great when you can learn almost as much online through self? Yes, interesting, this means that it is the death of University, or are we entering a new age of information flow in education? Let’s go ahead and talk about the lecture type learning

4) Want to learn while watching Online Video Lecture – .. Go Full Screen and Cutting Distraction

First, if you are in university lecture hall, listening to the best and brightest professor on a particular subject there is a good chance you may fall asleep, but still attention span will be longer because you are there, and there are not the same disorder and watching online video. If you are looking at the university home video on your computer in a box on the screen – there’s lots of distractions

For example, what else is in the room, maybe doorbell, TV, or information. the phone rang. You might feel the need to text someone back, go to the refrigerator to get something to eat, or just drop out – listen while you’re doing something else, assuming that you can multitask and learn something complicated at the same time. It’s not that you can not, it is you probably will not and memory retention level will be next to nothing, and you have wasted everyone’s time and some bandwidth to boot. Still, let me ask another question,

5) Lecture Dead – even if it’s all online and free in the future

This is a good question, even if you disagree.? it. On October 20, 2012, article in the tech news. Harvard had set up two free online courses in computer science. They were clearly follow the lead of Stanford computer science department, as they did the same thing last year. Harvard had the same results over 100,000 people signed up, people from all over the world. There is no shortage of people who want to learn online, but to do this; they are cutting their own throats as they disseminate information to the rest of the world at no cost, or they increase their credibility by doing it? It could lead to more people who want to join the school in the future, the greater age.

Apart things are changing rapidly, even if the basic lecture at our university has not changed much since the 1800s. Indeed, I suggest that you look at the YouTube video; “Do not lecture me” (with Twitter song) – Donald Clark ALT-C 2010, “because these gentlemen makes a lot of sense Perhaps also of interest is another YouTube video called ;.” Re-inventing Lecture (Or, Why Online Lectures do not work, and what we can do with it). “

Actually, I think after you watch the videos you will be better able to comment on what I’m talking about here, and it’s something that needs to be discussed. We need a national discussion of this, that is if we want power technology and innovation and entrepreneurship in which we move our great nation forward into the future. Next, I would like to discuss;. ??

6) A large university, High tuition fees and large buildings and beautiful architecture – we are learning more

Why is it that we put so much faith in the larger universities in our It’s interesting is not it? They spend huge amounts of money put up great architecture and large buildings, but is that really what makes them great? Even if someone has a great building, it does not mean they know what they are talking about, consider some of the largest churches in the world, for example, or the largest mosques. Is it high to University fee; it means they great? Having been in business all my life, I can remember a number of attorneys in fact raise their prices just so they could get more business because people thought that they pay more for an hour they must to be good, they were not.

Indeed, if a large university spends all his money on landscaping, beautiful brick work, great statues outside the lecture halls, and the one with the image of divine architecture – then have less money to teach you. They have less money to hire the best professors, buy the best equipment or provide the best future for their students. That’s not to say they can not, they might charge you money far exceeds the amount of education and you just have to pay for all that extra stuff. If you can get a lecture online for free on YouTube – in many regards information is basically the same

Maybe in the future living room gaming virtual reality technology will project holographic professor of 3-D upbringing. Professor at you, and it can be done for a fraction of the cost, there is no building to pay for, perhaps building, and professor, and anything can be predicted on the living room and you’ll feel as if you are they are. Therefore, you get the same experience and interaction, even break up into groups with a virtual-reality avatars fellow students. Who needs college anymore? Better yet, the need to take out $ 100,000 in student loans at the same detailed information, minus a large building?

Still in the living room gaming center that doubles as a new training headquarters phone and the latest real or Augmented Reality 3-D holographic computer game immersion tools – you could actually train artificial intelligent supercomputer network to think like humans. This information could be used by future robotic systems for all kinds of things from self-driving trucks, cars and planes through a virtual-reality simulator instructors for future combat vehicles in the battle space. Speaking of that, I have another question for you,

7) we Crowd Source Satellite Data for Future Military convoys

Well, if we did, we would not need to say.? someone who was watching on satellite data when or where we could be moving troops, equipment or resources, we could just say that this is one of the possible ways sometime in the future, and if you find abnormalities mark it down. Those who find the most deviation receive a check in the mail, or a gift certificate to your favorite retail stores at the end of their two months. They will not know when, where or variations they found was one that gave them a free gift card.

Those who feel more real deficit of false positives would be given more point spread for the dollar of errors they found. Further, they could receive an extra hundred dollars in the mail every month because they had higher credibility rating. If we did this in the end algorithms watch the best human minds find these anomalies could figure out how they are doing it, and it’s catching their eye, and that we may better design artificially intelligent satellite detection process algorithm that would incorporate how the human mind thinks and how the computer thinks that will give us the best of all worlds by putting these two together.

Maybe in a way, they are already training supercomputers artificial intelligence algorithms to run all our society and civilization to the future. After all, every time you put something on the Internet, the Internet could learn more about how humans think, work, and go about their business. About many things we could create arrays for our own future, and this artificial intelligence system will be known, and they will be leaders in the future, it will not be a person? It can, and let me ask you another question,

7) What happens when the cloud computing Centers filled with all Human Information Become aware

Consider if you will like someone said recently. ? The Futurist Magazine in October the September issue of 2012 along this line of thought, something along the way; “We already have an algorithm that can search all the information in any of these cloud computing centers,” and “We have all kinds of algorithms to help us find the data and algorithms that talking to other algorithms.” Sure, all that makes sense, and also believe that the human brain :.

A) We have various brain waves and they interact with each other.

B.) There are various materials that provide energy mix.

C.) We have sensors all over the body, and the five senses to gather information and experience, taking in all our observations.

If a cloud computing center, which will be talking to each other and talk to him to include all the written and visual record of mankind, they have already collected all the experience, writing, observation, use, and history and so it is just one small step from becoming aware. This is the future that we’re moving toward, my question is; Do we dare?

In a way, cloud computer would know, it would be very similar to the brain where every individual neuron, the individual human. That is, every piece of the puzzle, from top to bottom had intelligence. Is this a new form of intelligence? Well, let me scale it down to a simple board game and ask you another question,

8) Can we design a 3-D Chess Board Game Where Every piece has AI and seek to live [19459003?]

And if we could design something like that, would not be very similar to all network centric warfare concept? Is not that how real military works? Each soldier gets a job, but each soldier care, it follows its orders, but also attempts to do what is in the best interest of her, which is to live, to fight and to win. In war, it’s pretty serious, you either win or you die. Can we design a 3-D chessboard to do the same? How much better it would be if it were to give feedback back to AI Chess Master?

We have already found that artificial intelligence working with human Chess Master can beat artificial intelligent chess playing machine from IBM. When we combine human intelligence with artificial intelligence that we seem to get a boost. What if every piece on the chessboard had artificial intelligence and understand how men think, adapt, live and work under pressure? We are not to blame when all this the future of AI through our input on the Internet? Sure we are, and if you’ve listened to this radio, or read my articles for any time, you already know the answer.

What if we scale down even further? What if we scaled it all the way down to the molecular level? What if these molecules or nanoparticles could talk to each other? Are we talking about the next generation of microelectronics? Take it all the way down and continue the tradition of Moore’s Law? Have you noted recently in scientific news in October 2012 that carbon nanotubes have extraordinary qualities for producing light and small holograms? Will this be a new way to interact at the micro level?

Bacteria seem to share, and when it gets to scale and reaches a tipping point, it activates itself, trying to subdue by force and number. It operates much like an army, although applied mathematical and reliable, well-nigh? Almost like a chessboard where each individual member is also the best interests of his? Perhaps as we design computer algorithms small or largest scale, we will start to see the same as what we learn will propel us further and faster in the future.

There was an interesting article in Photonics on September 27, 2012 titled; “Nanotubes Project Holograms”, which noted that ,.

“Holograms can be generated by activating a leading light-scattering properties of carbon nanotubes, developments that could lead to crisper plans with larger vision Many scientists believe that carbon nanotubes will be at the heart of future industry and culture and will have the effect of solar cells, cancer treatments and optical imaging. Scientists use these nanotubes the smallest time distribution elements to create a permanent holographic projector. “

Applications for all this is unbelievable and it could revolutionize everything, change all human technology; communications, computers, transport, energy, health care, and you name it, just consider the reality here? Would it be so bold as to suggest that someday;.?

9) Super AI decision making computer could be running human life

Interestingly enough, I have deeply considered the future eRepublic or electronic AI decision-making systems, enterprise software super computer concept. If that were not damaged by human it could work well, programmed kindness – if it is possible and if the developers are on the same page of liberty, freedom and the standardization of some aspects and infrastructure needs. Anarchist might not like it, crony capitalists would try to exploit it, the Socialists would want to control it, a religious fanatic would want to destroy it, and so on – again men, while living in such a system designed for freedom and liberty “I think it was a good idea” Paraphrasing Gandhi of the Western Society

What I’m saying or asking Rater is. we could always get groups of people to accept to live with this, even if we could prove them mathematically that would be for the best? Are they ready yet? I would remind you that they should be getting ready for it because they are now training AI supercomputer decision-making machines to do just that in the future, as they are putting all their knowledge on the Internet. You see my point?

Of course, if we do this we have to get it right the first time, but you always know which technologies have come into the world perfect for the first time? Look how many aircraft design crashed and burned for the Wright Brothers actually got one to fly? And even with them it was not like they were not adding insult to injury, as they also crashed several times himself and had broken and folded wing spars to prove it. Speaking of that, I like to talk to you a little bit about how innovation is to be, and stuff ,.

10) Innovation, trial and error, and Original Thinking

Not long ago I was discussing this with my acquaintances from across the pond and he suggested; “Most innovations could be just a program trial and error.” Is he right? Yes, the good part is really so, that’s true enough. Actually it is not so; those who know may have learned it through adversity, failure, find themselves in a place where they refuse to quit in the next round, eventually leads to success due to the strength of character.

Thus, those who have achieved have proved that they have the right stuff, and have worked to solve real problems, but you can not resolve the real problems by practicing “the definition of insanity” which is usually how men “following the leader” usually there, they hire the professionals that got them in hot water in the first place (refer back to quote Einstein), to learn from their successes, not their failures as before

Due this, if anyone is irrational and only provides professional, they really need for a think tank or in the future innovation? No, we should enlist experts themselves, not their hook, line and sinker followers – of course, as I have discussed in previous exhibitions and articles we’d be better off by those who question authority, rather than leaving it all up to post Quo intellectual elite

Now then, with this line of discussion my acquaintances also noted that. “Most mind dazzling discoveries are still connected to several masterminds.” Well, this is quite true, and why we study the names of dead white men, winners of history who wrote in, and talk about the “shoulders of giants”, although many of these incredible advances may have come from affiliates or combine information.

considered stable person for a member of the Royal Geological Society back in the day, he came up with the idea, but he could not read or write, so the man who wrote it got down and took credit for it, and today we have to “memorize” the name of his school, yet in fact it is not how it happened actually.

How to teach violations in preschool and kindergarten students


Like all areas of mathematics, should be the terms for sending to young children with developmentally appropriate hands on experience and plenty of play activities. Concrete things like pattern blocks and 3D fraction formalizing the kids to make sense of new ideas mathematics or abstract ideas. Children need to have a break experience:

  • integrate their senses
  • invited them to experiment and make comments
  • let them learn at their own pace, and
  • allow them time to investigate the subject further

It is important that preschool and kindergarten math lessons offer opportunities for young children to develop number sense element. Before children are able to perform actions (add, subtract …) with fractions, they need plenty of time for a breakout game and play. This will help the optical elements and leave this part of things are equal parts of a larger object, skills to more advanced fraction concepts. It is not necessary to teach the sign for a fraction (1/2, 1/3 …) in preschool or kindergarten.

Young children are work following skills that are necessary for further fraction concepts in future grades:

  • to be able to visualize the elements and
  • understand the fractional part is equal parts a bigger share of

introduce elements of cooking, stories and games

Cooking classes introduce children the language of the offense and help them connect components of everyday experience. As they engage in these activities, children become familiar with fraction concepts such as whole, half, half, third, quarter. For example – Cut the muffin in half, fill the cup half full, let’s use a part of the whole orange, put peanut butter on half of bread and jam in the other half of the bread sandwich cut in quarters …

Use fraction math manipulatives and toys with puppets to make a simple stories

Here is a sample group work history using apple element toy, 2 pottery and basket

Marty Moose knocked on his door (knock on the chalkboard). He opened the door (squeak) and it was his friend, Sam squirrel ..

Improvise and puppets exchange cutting apples and share them, keep in mind that the goal is to promote and help the children to identify the idea equal pieces that are part of a whole object and fraction concepts as halves, quarters, thirds.

Play simple small group breakout game

Depending on class size you may need to divide the class into groups, with one half working on an independent math centers with modeling clay, drawing, blocks or puzzles, and the other half to play breakout game. As children play games and play with fragments of toys they will get a fraction number sense.

The more time children have to play a fraction toys and manipulatives, the greater their ability to visual elements that equal parts of a whole will increase. For easy breakout game ideas go