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Infinite Banking – Serious Investment Tool



The financial concept growing in popularity and demand, Infinite Banking System is beginning to relapse negative criticism. There are those who say infinite banking is a scam. But those who do misunderstand the concept of what is being sold.

The Infinite Banking Scam

Let’s start with the Infinite Banking is not. It is not a product you can buy on the Internet. It is not a get rich scheme. And it’s not for everyone. Those who argue that there is an infinite banking scam mistake premise perpetual banking is all about. The truth is, the basis for the Infinite Banking is not even a new product. It’s been proven product that is being used in a new and innovative way.

The Infinite Banking System is the philosophy of individual branches established properly organized, dividend-paying whole life insurance policy. As a financial tool, the whole life policies proven product. Historically, insurance companies have been one of the safest places for your money. Life insurance companies invest in very safe financial instruments such as bonds, which means less investment risk policyholders.

So why is not everyone doing it?

At the core of this concept is the idea that you become your own banker phone. This requires a commitment to the idea, and discipline in practice, infinite banking.

The Infinite Banking System means you’re Saver, the borrower and the Banker own bank. You save money with your bank, you can borrow money from your bank (the terms you set!) And you pay the bank (himself) both money borrowed and interest on the money – which means that you are making money by finance yourself. “Bank” is built and financed by the dividend-paying whole life insurance policy.

When used as a bank application organized all life insurance policies different from other insurance policies. The policy provides a death benefit to your heirs, but puts more emphasis on the ability to access the cash value of the liquid assets in your account to finance life. The amount of the death benefit is reduced to increase the amount of the cash value of your policy.

Obviously, you could set up this personal banking system with either a checking account or mutual fund strategy. But the financial gain is limited to the tax consequences of each. A whole life policy offers the bank as a platform, but provides some tremendous additional benefits. By using your entire life platform, you benefit from the tax deferred growth of money, tax-free distribution of loans strategy and income-tax free death benefit to your heirs.

The cost infinitely Banking

The basis of this system is the whole life insurance policy, and there are initial costs and administrative fees associated with it. Critics of the concept point to these fees as evidence of Infinite Banking Scam.

The truth is, any fiscal policy or utility will have administrative costs associated with it. With Infinite banking, these costs are most pronounced in the early years of the policy when your access to the cash value is less than the premiums you deposit. But like all legitimate financial tools, Infinite Banking concerns about long-term success and improving people’s lives through financial independence. If policyholders are dedicated and diligent about their commitment to this system of banking, eventual profits will more than compensate for the upfront cost of insurance.

Understanding the financial sector

We can all agree that funding is a huge industry. There is also an industry that works to the benefit of institutions, and not to consumers. Let’s start by pointing out the misconceptions surrounding interest. Individuals are sold on the concept of interest. If we get 5% growth rate compared to 6.5% growth rate, we think that we are getting a good deal.

Financial institutions, on the other hand, are concerned about the volume rate. If you have financed the purchase of a home, for example, truth in lending statement will spell out exactly how much interest you are paying. You may think you’re paying 6.5% interest on the loan, but will show that the 30-year mortgage you will actually have to pay twice the price of your home in interest. It is more like a 50% interest, not 6.5%. So why not do it? . Since we do not know a better way

The Infinite Banking System offers people a better way – a way to break this cycle of making money for the banks. Of course, when policyholders are just getting started with infinite banking, they will not be able to immediately finance a new home. But they can start with a smaller, personal loans. And if they are disciplined to pay themselves back, they will soon find that they can finance the car purchase, and perhaps finally home. In fact, when used correctly, the more loans infinite Banking strategy finances, the more money it makes for its holder.

The Effective Infinite Banker

The success of the Infinite Banking is based on discipline policyholder as a personal banker of his or her. By borrowing from yourself and pay yourself back you will recover more of the principal and interest, you usually had to send away. Building insurance will reduce the number necessary to payoff the loan, and by reducing the number of payments, it is an instant benefit. More payment is applied to the principal of the growth.

In addition, a whole-life insurance policies are no transaction fees and funds are guaranteed to grow on a tax-deferred basis. Distribution of the money values ​​make the loan policies are tax-free. Withdrawals from the policy are tax-free up to the amount of the basis, or the amount you have contributed to policy. The Infinite Banking Scam is a fallacy. This system is a proven financial tool that can improve the economic life of discipline and understanding to make it work.


The terms Sex and Gender


Ann Oakley defines ‘sex’ as visible biological differences between men and women. Gender, however, a question of psychological, cultural and social classification ‘masculine “and” feminine “. Consider the idea of ​​sex as given by biologists, for them it is a dual meaning- the first differences between individuals and the other type of behavior that begins sexual reproduction. In purely genetic terms, a person with XY chromosomes will be called male and one with XX chromosomes, Female. Also the production of hormones lead to sexual distinction, we find the majority of the female sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone in healthy women, and the testosterone and androgens normal human. On reaching puberty effect of these respective hormones becomes more apparent. Also in terms of soma type (Body physique) are determined sex differences that are visible and accepted as standard in our society. With the examples of certain communities in Nigeria (malnutrition cases), America Western and European groups we can show that there appears to be interaction between biology at the cultural context of the sex determining chromosomes of secondary sex characteristics.

There is another category of proven difference is death, especially suicide associated with either mental illness or social circumstances. Elucidating the factors sex, everyday observation of society is enough to prove gender-based differences. The stereotypical characteristics associated with men are aggressive, courage and the ability to manage and optimize the external environment. Women on the other hand are more sensitive and perceptive in their relationships, cultivating emotional responsibility. This shows that biology alone can not account for the difference between the personalities of men and women. But Margaret Meed also describes certain communities that do not follow traditional notions of masculinity and femininity. For example, New Guinean tribe Arapesh has adult males show a gentle indifference, cherishing nature resembles ‘women’ in our culture. Many anthropologists believe that there is a certain degree of consistency between adult attitudes to life and techniques used in bringing the person concerned. The ‘social state’ ‘a child regardless of his / her sex plays an important role in shaping his / her gender identity in his / her mind. A cross-cultural social survey Barry Bacon and Child 110 communities based on ethnographic literature, was a big difference in the socialization of male and female children- boys were taught to be self-supporting, but the girls were trained to be subservient. More importantly, the differences in behavior between men and women inextricably linking them to different “social role” and the division of labor in society. For example, the roles of home-maker, reader children, nurse related to women and the role of bread-earner, rogue or criminal are associated with men.

Connecting arguments psychoanalysis, oral and aesthetic abilities of both sexes also always different intellectual and emotional detained men and women is not the same. The debate six-breed has been continuing for centuries now and aura of ‘nature’ that surrounds the gender differences in modern society comes to us not as a biological necessity, but simply from the beliefs that people hold about it, that there are inborn differences between the sexes, as differentiation increases social efficiency and differentiation is a natural law. Because of this reasoning society organized around sex based differences are not clear and the idea of ​​a society based on liberation from traditional gender roles is impossible. Sex is a powerful concept, that a number of race, class, age, economic, culture and the like. Correction of different consequences. According to Robert Stoller’s ” amount of subjective maleness or femaleness people ”. Susan Bason theorizes on the concepts of social roles and gender assessment. The younger dichotomy and communal broadcasting the yin (male) and the yan (female) are the gaps in today’s society. Skip variability relations between men and women across social groups presents itself as evidence against this crude biological determinist view. The social construction of gender, the notion that “anatomy is destiny” is also questioned and subverted by Simon de Beauvoir in a fantastic deeds’ second sex “. The functionalist ideas about gender roles preceded complementarity between March and they are from Venus. The distinction is not treated as ambiguous social concept. Judith Butler said using language concepts of performativity; masculinity and femininity are established in the normative and regulative way. These theoretical efforts help us to reduce solidarity between two highly charged critical factors and make us realize these governments permeate into all aspects of society and can not be analyzed in isolation. The stratification and classification of sex and gender inevitably cuts to form complex social settings can not be exhaustibly discussed.


Three basic concepts of psychoanalytic theory – A Brief summarization


Sigmund Freud was most known for his five-stage theory of human development. This theory originated in the study and thorough documentation of his adult memories of memories in therapy sessions and was conceptualized by Sigmund Freud himself. Freud began working in 1880 and end in 1890, his theory began to take on a more formal features five levels. The theory was the answer mainly patients with hysterical symptoms were reported sexual damage that occurred early in their lives and subsequent repression or subconscious “pushing away”, these sexual trauma and other uncomfortable thoughts of previous experience. Although a comprehensive review of all the underlying assumptions regarding the Freudian theory of personality theory and the massive amount of information that he wrote during his lifetime that would be almost impossible to sum up, even over many years are far beyond the scope of this project, some of the main criteria will be discussed. However, with regard to the overall knowledge base to the benefit of greater understanding of the five-stage theory, it is my opinion that before the discussion on stage his theory of personality development, it is necessary to his theory of the division of mind and part of his personality are named as these two basic concepts are intricately intertwined with a five-stage theory of his.

A key concept underlying premise Freudian theory Subdivider human mind in three different categories. According to his theory, part of the mind are conscious, pre-conscious and sub-conscious region (Freud, 2002 revised ed.). As implied by the title, the conscious mind consists of these things that we are now aware and we are now attentive. The conscious mind is also the current process of our thinking, behavior and environmental awareness. Therefore, it can be clearly concluded that the conscious mind forms the bulk of our current knowledge. This concept can be confirmed that most people have, sometimes, heard statements from others such as “I am a pure consciousness,” or “I was not aware of that at the time”, in casual conversations. Also according to the Theory Freud, the preconscious mind consisted of all the things that we are aware of, but now do not pay attention (Freud, 2002 revised ed.). He conceived rather that we can choose to pay attention to this and deliberately bring them into the conscious mind. Finally, with regard to the pre-conscious mind, Freud believed that we can control our consciousness to a certain extent, the focus very closely on a conscious act of a wider awareness that seeks to raise awareness to include as much of the preconscious information possible . At a subconscious level, the methods and materials are out of direct reach the conscious mind. The subconscious thinks like this and works independently (Freud, 2002 revised ed.). One of the main conclusions Freud was much behavior is driven directly from the subconscious mind. This has dire consequences that we are largely unable to control our behavior, and in particular we would sometimes prefer to avoid. Recent studies have shown that the subconscious mind is probably even more in charge of our actions but even Freud had realized Murphy, 2001).

three major factors of personality were included in a massive, general theory of Freud. These factors are Id, Ego and Super itself. The Id contains primitive our plates and operates largely under the pleasure principle, where two of its main targets are looking for pleasure and avoid pain (Freud, 1962). Freud goes on to say that it has no real perception of reality and seek to satisfy their needs with what he called the key processes controlling the presence of infants, including hunger and self-protection. Unlike identity Ego is aware of the reality and operates with the reality principle. The reality principle involves Ego recognizes what is real and understand that behavior has consequences. This includes the effect of social rules that are necessary to live and socialize with other people. It uses secondary processes such as perception, recognition, judgment and memory are developed in childhood. The problem of the Ego is that it has to somehow balance the demands of Id and Super itself with the constraints of reality (Freud, 1962). The Ego board higher mental processes such as reasoning and problem solving, which he uses to solve Id-Super Ego problem, creatively find ways to safely meet the ID’s basic urges within the limits of Super itself. The Super Ego contains our values ​​and social ethics, which often comes from the rules of right and wrong that we learned in childhood from our parents and is in the conscience. The Super Ego has a model of the ideal self that he uses as a prototype that will be used to compare ourselves and the direction in which it promotes itself to move. The Super Ego is a counterweight to the identification and seeks to inhibit pleasures requirements of the child, particularly in terms of sex and aggression.

Now we turn to what is the most famous aspect of Freud’s theory, the five stages of human development. This theory sprung from the observations of Freud’s memories of adults in treatment in his life (Freud, 2003 revised ed.). He said this work the children were not directly observed. Although Freud’s theory has been roundly criticized for the lack of a scientific nature, it is, however, stand as a big metaphor to describe personality. Stages of development include Oral Stage which is the first stage. This stage begins at birth and usually ends up with approximately 2 years. In the oral stage, infants and young children explore the world primarily through their most vulnerable areas, namely his mouth. They also learn to use their mouths to communicate. The next stage is Anal Stage. This stage usually begins around 2 years and last about a year. In the anal stage, children learn to control the elimination of bodily waste. The phallic stage is the next level. It usually starts around 3 years and last until 5 years The phallic stage is probably the most controversial of all levels due to the strong sexual underlying principles with regard to the opposing parents early in life. To further explain, the controversy comes from the description of Freud’s Oedipus and Electra complexes, with the associated ideas of castration anxiety and penis envy, respectively. The Oedipus Complex a sexual attraction of a son to his mother while Electra Complex implies just the opposite. Those complexes lead, according to Freudian theory, the normal differentiation of male and female personality. The defense suppression was invoked to explain why no one could remember the events of this level. At this stage, Freud also theorizes that children discover their differences and sexual inequality. The phallic stage is followed by a waiting period where little new development is evident. At this stage, boys play with boys and girls with girls, usually. Sexual interest is low or absent. The final stage is Genital Stage. It started around 12 years of age and ending with a climax puberty. Sexual interests again raise at this time. However, the sexual interests that bring about this season are appropriate and rest genuine partners rather than the opposite parents.

It is my assertion that the arbitrary and somewhat capricious nature can easily be concluded from the theoretical framework Freud. As it did with me, the importance of departments mind and basic aspects of personality decision-making process and appropriate progression through each stage of development should also light. To further explain how the awareness of self and environment should be proportionate to the successful transition from birth to adulthood. Earlier in life that awareness begins should also increase the likelihood of successful development of personality. Freudian assumptions about social activities are not clear, but it does appear that firm understanding of the basic concepts of his would be very useful to have when working in applied social environment. That is to say, with regard to applications in real social situations, for example, it would be advantageous to know whether a person has successfully developed and function as an adult, if they have a keen sense of awareness or oppression recent memories are factors. I truly believe that the above programs are also key strengths Freudian theory. As previously mentioned, work Freud was so high that it is difficult, albeit not impossible, to determine its efficacy in most cases. As I see it is that in most cases, Freud failed. While it is not possible to accurately or adequately quantified compared to applied behavior analysis, for example, it appears that the application of his ideas could be useful to most anyone.


American Psychological Association. (2002). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.). Washington, DC

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Teaching Main Idea and Purpose authors


What is the difference

Main Idea 😕 All stories, paragraphs, poems and articles have a main idea. The main idea tells us what path is. The main idea, in the event, also known as a topic sentence, and is usually the first or last sentence of the paragraph, but not always. Sometimes it is in the middle paragraph, and sometimes it is not even noted (but implied). Other sentences say more about the topic sentence. To find the main ideas, one has to ask themselves,

The purpose of the authors of “What is this passage mostly about?” Every author has a purpose for writing his way. It could be to give information, explain something, solve problems, sell something, persuade, or even simply to entertain. The authors support their purpose for writing with their point of view … their thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

In reading poetry, one has to know who is telling the story. Is it the main character? Or is it someone else, storyteller? It is also important to understand the tone or mood of the story (the feeling that the author creates). Is it funny, sad, or awesome?

Children are often difficult to distinguish the difference between these two readings factors. I think it’s good to teach the main idea to first make sure they understand before I go to the purpose of the author. After they understand both the concepts we discuss the differences. it is also important to ask and listen to the child so that you are sure that they understand

How to teach them concepts :. To begin to explain the concept you teach. You can actually read the descriptions I suggest above, or use your own words if you want.

The next step can be very fun if you adapt to the child’s interests. Do they like to hunt, fish, play games, help you, tell stories or read about some of the challenges? I’ve had students write a letter or an article, and then ask them to tell me their main idea and / or authors purpose and other questions mentioned above. Sometimes I choose the way that I know that they would be interested in reading, and ask the same questions. When viewing a TV ad (or ad on a cereal box) and it can be fun to ask them what they think the authors point is, and if they agree with it. There are numerous daily activities that support the goal of teaching.

Using the curriculum is great too. There is some very good curriculum out there, which can be a time saver for you teacher, and there is nothing wrong with it if it’s working for you and the student. I personally use both the curriculum and creative strategies.

Do not be intimidated. With a little information and the right tools, teaching children to read is fun and easy.


Future Heilsa Hugtök – The Secrets til nýs lífs


Lærðu 7 Secrets til Future Heilsa Hugtök og fá vald til að endurlífga huga þínum, líkama og sál að því marki sem þú hefur aðeins dreymt um þar til nú. Hvers vegna leggja áherslu á aðeins einn þáttur af heilsu þegar það eru margir að gera upp alla Matrix. Sem mannslíkaminn hefur mörgum hlutum sem virka sem heild, heila, hjarta, lungna, fótleggjum, handleggjum, etc og þeir þurfa að vera í réttu ásigkomulagi að þjóna tilgangi sínum.

Svo hvers vegna aðeins einblína á einn þátt heilsu til að halda þetta kraftaverk vél á það hámarki?

Í dag í okkar samfélagi sem við erum að neyta með líkamlega þætti mannslíkamans, eyða við milljónir dollara í gyms og á búnaði æfa að líta í góðu líkamlegu formi því það er það sem hefur verið þvinguð niður háls okkar með fjölmiðlum sem við horfa á og hlusta á hverjum degi.

Í náinni framtíð hugmyndir heilsu mun fela í huga og sál og Líkami og verður notað til að halda allri veru okkar á afköstum og við munum ekki þurfa stjórnvöld okkar að sýna okkur hvernig vegna þess að forfeður okkar hafa nú þegar gefið okkur vísbendingar.

Það er kaldhæðnislegt hvernig sagan endurtekur sjálft!

Það sem ég meina með þessu er ár síðan að við höfðum enga HIV, mjög lítið krabbamein eða einhverju öðru sjúkdóma keyra ramped í samfélagi okkar í dag. Hvers vegna? Natural Home Remedies voru notuð sem vann. Veistu að flestir krabbamein er hægt að lækna og að heimurinn ríkisstjórnir hafa vita þessa tilfinningu snemma 1900.

Það er rétt tilfinning snemma 1900 hafa verið lækna fyrir krabbamein sem flestar ríkisstjórnir hafa gefið fólki þeirra til að nota en ekki ríkisstjórn Bandaríkjanna. Þeir hafa haldið þeim leyndum vegna Milljarðar dollara á lyf hafa og eru að gera en það er önnur saga.

Á þessum tímum fjárhagslegum vandræðum, þú getur ekki efni á að vera vantar vinnu og vantar borga vegna þess að þú falla veikur. Þú þarft einnig að vera í líkamlega og andlega bestu, því daglegur vaxandi fjölda atvinnulausra eru að keppa fyrir starf þitt þinn. Ekki eru allir á 7 Secrets virkar fyrir alla – annaðhvort vegna þess að líkami þeirra er ekki að bregðast við þeim eða það passar ekki inn í lífsstíl þeirra -. Enn þessir sömu aðferðir virkar undur fyrir marga einstaklinga

Hér eru 7 Secrets til framtíðar Heilsa sem mun breyta lífi þínu:

Ein: veittu Foods – Tveir: Heilsa – Three: Orkugefandi æfingu – Four: Super næringarefni – Fimm: Living Space – Six: endurnærandi svefni – Seven:. Mind Over Matter

Ef þú Gain Control yfir þessum Future Heilsa Hugtök og þú ert á leiðinni til nýs lífs


What is the future for aircraft carriers?


increasing number of Navy aircraft carriers see as a viable platform for sharing Landsvirkjun – now nine and aircraft carriers in service: Brazil, France, India, Italy, Russia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States. It is noteworthy that the People’s Liberation Army – Naval (Plan) – China is not even really have a carrier in service, but this is expected to change in the near future. The total number of carriers in service worldwide is now twenty-two, with half the fleet to be in the US service. At least eight countries have new carriers in the concept, design, bought used and the renovation or building stages. Spain has been successful selling his design ‘Principe de Asturias’ to several navy, and China, Japan and India are developing carrier build capacity – in the case of China, even nuclear powered platform for new aircraft generation. VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft – UK Harrier derivatives are used for example, India, Spain and Italy, have made these countries to send a viable carrier power. The US F35D carrier variant – a stvo settings – can only increase the demand for airlines including “Western” countries

Most military analysts see an aircraft carrier that Keystone in the military, despite the significant concentration of power and investments (. both political and financial) in what is a highly visible and arguably vulnerable target.

Russia has only one operational aircraft carrier in the present and is an exception. It spans 11 time zones – almost halfway around the world. With a fleet of modern land-based aircraft and effective missile technology, it can probably shed their power without a large carrier fleet, at least in the northern hemisphere.

What is the Aircraft Carrier?

floating, self-propelled Airbase, not capable of handling large aircraft transport as the C130 Hercules. This definition is generally taken to include all vessels capable of handling fixed wing fighter / bomber aircraft, of which there are several types. For this purpose, without the clean helicopter carriers, even as cargo ships can carry these as the Falklands War was

Types of aircraft carrier

Super Carrier :. These are usually more than 50,000 tons loaded displacement, typically nuclear power, and able to handle fast jets

Fleet Carrier: the average size of the usual 20,000 tonnes, oil / steam, gas turbine or even diesel power is “typical “the size of the fleet of the country.

Light Aircraft Carrier :. less than fleet carrier

As can be seen, so categories navy aircraft carriers is subjective fleet configuration to this area. The French may well describe Charles de Gaulle as Super Carrier – steam catapults, nuclear powered, but is it really a Super Carrier when compared to, say, the US aircraft carriers such as the US Nimitz Class George W Bush, nearly 100,000 tons displacement, and carry well over 100 fixed wing aircraft

Carrier Settings

CATOBAR :. catapult launching fixed-wing aircraft but arrested recovery

Stob: Short take off but arrested recovery. Currently, it has been using UK Sea Harrier VTOL aircraft Stovall mode with ‘ski jump’ launched

Stovall :. Short take off and vertical landing. As with Stob, but vertical landing. Less attractive due to increasing fuel (equivalent to less armament load) required for the landing phase and flight deck damage problem because down straight exhaust jet landing.

entry to the aircraft carrier Club

These may include :.

Constitutional bars, such as Japan, Germany and (until recently) Italy, after the World War 2 aggression

Operational Capability Development takes a lot of time and money. Second-hand carriers and infrastructure requirements can be purchased or hired. New article naval activities has to be set up. This is not trivial big project – training establishments need to install and run, renovation, repair and logistics operations will be established, for example, and perhaps even a career structure for superiors and subordinates

A land. have to develop tactical and strategic policies that actually exist and operate their carriers in accordance with national policy objectives in its credibly

Even the basics -. establishing 24 x 7 operations tempo run carrier must be developed, implemented and practiced complete if the distribution of the carrier force is to be credible – Bad launches weather night and landing, crew rescue procedures, anti-submarine measures, re-function and weapons handling, coordinated artist defense – the list is extensive. Some countries work in this regard. For example, Brazil is helping China to develop operational capabilities in exchange for technical assistance in the field of nuclear energy and defense electronics

aircraft carriers -. The Future

future carrier is secured. With the advent of a new generation Stovall aircraft, and the emergence of India and China in major carrier company (with Pakistan also making noise) means that the mid-21st century, the carrier arms race must be accelerated and the world tonnes growing.

Britain is to build larger operators – the Queen Elizabeth Class Super Carrier. These new UK aircraft carriers will be almost three times the size of the previous generation; ‘cast-off’ performers are increasingly bought smaller nations, such operational worldwide tonnage is bound to increase – annual new building tonnes higher than the scrappage; the United States is to build a new generation – The Gerald R Ford class. Countries that work aircraft carrier relinquished never capacity

Electric launch system -. Simpler, lighter, more powerful than steam catapults are designed. This will be able to launch unmanned aircraft G forces that human pilots could not tolerate. Aerial battles fought by unmanned aircraft flown remotely by carrier-based (or even land-based) Jocks through secure data link are real possibility for the end of the century.

New carrier-busting missiles, such as the Chinese Dong Feng 21D (NATO CSS-5 Mod 4) will lead to increased defense technology development.


Future New Aircraft Concept Designs – Efficiency in wing design and Aerodynamics


Soon Boeing Corporation will design a new UAV called Phantom Ray, and boy is it cool. It use so many united aerospace and aerodynamic design and binds them all at once. It is one of the coolest unmanned futuristic new ideas about the future of aircraft that we have ever seen. Efficiency in wing design allows it to be very fuel efficient, almost invisible to radar, and maneuverability smart munitions rockets on steroids. It will also be very strong and able to take 18g is that no human pilot could do and survive.

now, I propose to use this UAV airplane unit can Swarm enemy. I suggest it flying in very tight formations with hundreds of these units. How far you ask? Attached! It is properly arranged, and side by side in a diamond or triangle configuration. Fly into enemy battlespace and then out of the crowd to swarm the target. Due to the excellent geometric shape, power to weight ratio, this seems like a no-brainer.

Some units attached form can take aircraft on advance ticket area, which means that others will have plenty of fuel left to dog-fight, engage targets at random, or assigned, then fly all the way back . The aircraft used to fly the accompanying formation of the target will be depleted of fuel and can become Finish drones or smart munitions themselves flying target as smart bombs or missiles, thus, the overall success rate is pre-known.

This can be done at a fraction of the cost of taking the enemy by conventional Fifth Generation fighter or attack aircraft with pilots and UAV Phantom Ray will be a unique lifetime rates as an example, literally to be able to participate Sams or surface to air missiles and shoot them down. The modern battlespace and future air superiority is entering a new age. In this new age, I expect us to be the leader of the free world, thanks to the Phantom Ray with Boeing.

idea of ​​swarming the enemy in battle is nothing new, it has been a constant policy of development history here on Earth. It has been discussed by Colonel Boyd, Sun Tzu, and referred to by Karl von Clausewitz. Morandi Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAVs Combat only makes sense by taking this winning process to the next level, which is exactly what my suggestion is to try. It is about working with the most advanced technology. Please consider all this.


8 Future Trends in training and development


Inch by inch water level rises and there is nothing you can do except try to use sand bags or other means to protect your possessions. The river always wins

Inch by inch the water level rises. it is possible, continuous and unstoppable.

It is a bit like the future of corporate training and development. The Internet has enveloped many industries already and will, inch by inch, taking over after. Just monitor the music industry, home movies, estate agency, Electronics and books.

Internet has only lightly touched training and development so far. If you think it is enclosed in it, you’re wrong.

But inch by inch it will begin to envelop her in the coming years. Allow me to examine the changes that we can see ahead and how this will affect the training and development specialists.

Apply it, do not teach

Internet contains all you ever need to do anything. How to open drain, leave negative correlation in portfolio investment and ideas for Christmas gifts for someone who has it all.

Mobile has only exacerbated this. We can now look up how to trim Rose Bush while waiting for the number 91 bus. Mobile will dominate like we view our tablets and smartphones and 4G comes with lightning fast download speeds, this trend will accelerate.

So if we have every piece of information on our phones, why not just use it exclusively? Because it’s just too much, cluttered with ads, spam websites, erroneous information dated data. It’s like drowning.

Look carefully, however, and you can see on the internet de-clutter information and make it easy for us to consume, sometimes free, but increasingly being charged for. Take the BBC and the Open University. Collaborating to show excellent information, knowledge and technology from two trustworthy brand -. For free

Or Wikipedia or YouTube – the greatest custodian techniques, methods and how to ground

Our role as training and expert is to use the Internet but focus attention Our on applying knowledge, using it, making it fit. It is the application of technology and knowledge is the key to reflux knowledge that anyone can quite easily look up for themselves. They pay us to be able to apply it, not to look up.

This weekend 17-year-old son came home from school moaning that he did not understand the negative external demand and supply. Nor did I, where we played a YouTube video together and I was able to help Lewis apply this theory and give him some examples to bring it to life. My role as a coach was to find information and apply it to the person or challenge.

That is how we will work with the Internet. Work with it not against it.

Training simulators

Continuing this theme, the application of knowledge and technology, we need to develop our use of training simulators. Pilots, air traffic controllers train drivers use them to hone their skills before practice rather on the expensive aircraft or trains, that we should

If you have previously been “skills” on the progress of programs -. Eg listening skills, sales skills or groups of skills you can only advertise as if you have some sort of training simulation controlling program. You see, the skills in something, you have to learn the techniques and then apply them to the world. For example, learning skills meeting can not be done in a classroom setting in the traditional sense. Learning how PowerPoint chair a meeting or on the 5 principles run Teamwork

You can get this on the internet. YouTube will be hundreds of videos on the same topic. Instead, we need to help people in developing these strategies in the skills and the only way to do this is to help them on their world. In other words, how to run a group discussion with the quietest, demotivated team in the house that have been sent to a meeting to be productive and inspiring. It must be the real world – all hairy warts -. To become savvy

Our role is to set up this simulation in the first place and apply the technology to become skillful

Many of us do this in a classroom when a role play or role play on steroids with actors Part of real people. It is a simulator. Or better yet, a web based simulation package. Or even better than that, as a coach and we should evolve in a coach and go with our student to their workplace and monitor and train them while they are running at the meeting.

All trainers should be excellent coaches and credibility and substance to be able to relate to the real world. Be experts in the application of knowledge and technology. No longer can the training departments are filled with career coaches who have not experienced the real world experience, credible individuals steeped in the ability to apply.


Gamification -. taken from great gaming market

I was reading the Economist this week, they noted that the gaming industry is now worth $ 67000000000 rivaling the movie industry. Games offer excitement, entertainment, challenge and the ability to work and this is Gamification will affect training enormously in the coming years.

In his new book “For the Win ,” Werbach and Hunter insisted that the future of communication can be enhanced by gamifying style. Gamification has now entered a management buzzword file.

Games have different materials and will exercise our coach and shake.

I talk about WIPEing message.

  • W is working, the activity that you create for sending allow them to win something?
  • I for instant feedback, how can a group of players get instant feedback?
  • P is for points or marks to signify progress and achievement and
  • E is the voltage, which tells the story

So supervisors, sales managers with a message, wants to gamify their offering, especially with online training.

Low attention span

I believe that we have always tried to squeeze the round peg in the square hole when we run long two or three day our plans. I do not believe that people have the attention span large enough and they never have. But with the advent of visited the Internet and information at your finger tips, this attention span has decreased further.

Now there is no average attention span of an adult, it really depends on them, content, mood, weather, etc.

But it is clear that we can not meet the traditional training in the old-fashioned way. It has to be short and sharp and delivered in bite-sized portions if we want to keep it.

I am not referring to the method of training delivery I focused solely on the timing. We can deliver a bit big face to face, in practice, online via smartphones.

Web delivery

Internet will encase training and development by making it a place to deliver our training. We’ve all experienced static webinars, these are improving. The future will be demand learning via the Internet. People will pay for demand program if it saves time to search the internet.

Web delivery in the future will mirror what we are able to do face to face. That’s when the video will take over. If we are present, then stand, not Crouch in your seat in front of the webcam. Simulate what you do now, but deliver via the Internet. Get used to introduce a front camera imagining the audience behind the lens.

One client I work with have invested in how the supply for the future. They have converted two rooms in the video room, kitted them out with the latest video and sound equipment. Their trainers throw up and deliver training in the room to an audience on the internet not in front of them. Yes, they have a long way to go, where trainers are pretty much mirroring the way they normally would train just in front of the camera. They are adapted to make the audience more, talk to them rather than them running group exercises and let the audience do the talking too.

It will come with time.

Use of learning can be achieved by using web delivery. Discussion work very well and in the future we will all be using video based discussion forums where best practices are shared and ideas discussed

Webinars are common. they allow to give information in general. Yes, you can put your hands up and ask questions, but they are mostly clunky and technical subject. Try running Google + Hangouts immediately afterwards so few can discuss how to use ideas while looking each other straight in the eye. It is the capability of the internet that we will be more in the future.

The real future lies in something rather different, however, more on that later. Just imagine Star Trek Holodeck.

A tailored suit

price of clothing, especially clothing has plummeted so much that you can buy clothes from the supermarket for £ 20 Actually it is not the best cut world – you get what you pay for. It is to make the cost of tailored clothes somewhat cheaper though -. £ 200 to £ 300, is not uncommon, the image that you would pay for decent clothes for a few years “since

A good tailor can reduce waste your -Line least 2 inches and make you look a stone lighter. And slide the templates attached to clothes is a luxury.

Similarly, all the training in the future should be formatted. For shelves learning events just cut it anymore. You can get the same result from the Internet.

tailored or bespoked training takes longer to develop, but can concentrate solely on the care instruction. You can include other methods such as Web Delivery addition, if you want, you can use real-life examples, the actors to bring the application to life, putting learning in the workplace. You can do all sorts of things to make sure that it matters.

Future bespoked training again be applied learning with simulators. But off-the-shelf courses will disappear.

In the context of work

Out from the shackles of shelf programs or standard eLearning package, you can focus your exercises at work, in the office, on the factory floor. The future will require corporate leaders to take strong shoes, where they go and labor side labor. Armed with tablet device able to access information on the Internet, video on demand, these highly trained coaches will help people to apply learning and methods.

They deliver short, sharp sessions, where needed and when needed. In fact, manager of the future will do more of this, and we have been preaching this for ages.


With the fall off the shelf programs, stagnant eLearning package, general training, training will become more specialized and expert at what they do.

Future trainers will be experts in their field, people will demand. They will be expert not only in their content and skills and to be able to distil the internet and apply learnings working people. People will pay for knowledge in the future generalists. The Internet will be the next years general.

Trainers will be able to download real insight and wisdom, a property in addition to the Internet do not try to imitate it.

It is the future. training and development

last word – real future

First came MPG 1 as compressed audio files, by MP2 and the ubiquitous MP3 now dominates our music player. Soon after the MP4 that has done the same with video. The next step will be to compress holographic files you can send a hologram today to meet with the hologram someone else in a virtual meeting.

There may be 5 years away, perhaps longer to bring costs down, but that’s when the flood peak of their training and development will be completely surrounded by the internet. Just wait and see.


Previous life Future lives, and the concept of Time


About 39 years ago a movie called “On a clear day you can see Forever” was released in theaters. It stared Barbra Streisand as Daisy Gamble and Yves Montand as psychiatrist Dr. Marc Chabot. Daisy had come to Dr. Chabot hypnotized to quit smoking. During treatment, Daisy balances automatically return to Lady Melinda Winifred Wainer Tent Rees, seductive 19th century coquette. Dr. Chabot will be fascinated by this 19th-century character and continued to explore past lives. President of the University Dr. Chabot was associated CHABOT told to stop investigating past life as it was to give the University a bad name. A little later he returns and says CHABOT to continue with his studies as one of the main benefactors of the university want to know who he will be in the future life so that he can leave his money to his future self.

Can we go forward in time to see the future life? Dr. Bruce Goldberg dentist and hypnotherapist was one of the first to popularize the concept of future deterioration in his book “previous life, Future Lives”. It is now recognized by most of the past life regression therapists it is possible to develop clients for future life. But going forward in time presents us with a little pinch. Are all our lives, past and present, predetermined? How can we know something that has not yet happened? How can Karma our impact on the lives that have been lived

The West has always looked linear time; the East, especially Hindus and Buddhist have examined the cyclical time. However, Western science realize that time is a very real dimension where we can travel. Because of Einstein, often call time the fourth dimension. Spatial relativity shows that time behaves surprisingly like the three spatial dimensions and time increases as speed increases. Time present and communicate with us and space in a way stranger than anyone had thought. “Minkowski spacetime”, says time and space are not separate entities but intermingle in four-dimensional space-time. Quantum Physics, which I will not go into here, adding more support to time dimension.

How does this relate to past lives? Well, since that time, and we know it is only while we are there on the ground, after we die, we are not dependent linear elements time. When we incarnate, our soul can choose life in the 18th century or the 22 Century by which life provides the best opportunities for development. In this theory, all life lived simultaneously. Each life interact with all other life and is managed by some interactive karma.

Dr. Brian Weiss, in his book “Same Soul, Many Bodies”, discusses the future life progression. He says that in the future our life vary and how we live now will determine the future life we ​​have. This, to me, seems to be somewhat of a compromise between the linear concept of time and the consequences spacetime is Minkowski. Posting Dr. Weiss’ of the life is very understandable. We can hypothesize that their whole lives are lived simultaneously; but it is very difficult to imagine. We’re creatures of the three-dimensional world and imagine the fourth dimension is as hard for us to imagine the third dimension was for residents Edwin Abbott’s “Flatland”.

It is possible to develop customers look forward to a future life or curing them back to a past life. It is evident from all available evidence, that nothing is predetermined. There is also a theory that all life, past, present and future, influence each other in accordance with the law of karma. But, I do not progress my clients for the future life. I know that we in the West are conditioned to think of time as linear. If you go back in time to a miserable life, we see that life as done and finished with, except for Karma it can be served. However, if we go forward in time to a miserable life in the future, we feel a sense of impending danger. You may improperly change the way you live your present life to prevent future life. It is not unlike the person who sees the psychic who tells them they will have an accident next month. When next month comes, they avoid doing anything that could lead to an accident. Abnormal get their behavior can actually lead to the accident. The only time I take people out in time to see the winning lottery number. Unfortunately, so far it has not worked; but I’m always hopeful!


Future Concepts and Modern Advances in Technology; Good or Bad?


Many humanists and Scientists argue That our technology and civilization is out pacing evolution by a huge margin. They point to our tribalistic, band and small group human history That we survived with for Hundreds of thousands of years is no longer anything similar to our modern societies. Indeed to argue against this fact would be futile as it is so. Howeverwhole we Seem to for the most part done very well as out human populations swells around the planet.

humanists Will ask and one Recently did; “Does not it make more sense to be WHO and we are developping our true, and in my view Powerful Abilities (ie to Communicate with eachother through the energy fields That connect us without technology, to create Create with our Minds That is a reality truly self sustaining, to connect with eachother and rid the entireties human species of the negative Beliefs That are under mining us all etc …)? “

Well indeed he sure has Brought up a huge question worthy of discussion . Howeverwhole let me take a crack at this question as I answer in the negative to his assumption,

“NO. Because why shouldnt you Choose one or the other, why not both matches. Have the Capability and developping lost skills, while simultaneouslyin using our brains to invent better technologies to Improve on the human design. We do not have time for evolution to take its sweet time. You know you are talking about talking the species back to the Stoneage, Yet WHO would that really Server. We need sewer treatment plants, fresh water and energy for things. Not thatthey are totally Necessary, but They have certainly improved life from other civilization of the last let’s say 5000 years anyway. Perhaps ancient cultures die Previously have great Advances and may have been extremely well adapted civilizations without all this fluff. Yet WHO is to say That was better and why shouldnt we make that decisionmakers for all humanity, as humanity has spoken and voted with Their consumer dollar and well, They want all this stuff. “

As far as the observations of human civilizations in the present period and the dummying down of the population base; well now thatthey can not function without all These modern technologies, They very much need it and can not feel fulfilled without out it. Myself, well I could go without Many of the modern amenities.

Humans need a challenge and advancement and forward progression of the species does Provide That challenge. After all; why does someone climb a mountain? It is there and it is a challenge. Many Including myself like challenges, Creating stuff and Inventing things, so why not? Using technology to help mankind along in his journey to createTextNode better, strong and better civilizations is wise. And as mankind reaches a place of heaven on Earth, with more leisure time and the Utopia we desire, WHO is anyone to say That technology is an evil to the human race? Think on that.