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Good Customer Service – An Astonishing Concept



The strong our economy, it is more crucial than ever to provide great customer service to increase customer loyalty and boost revenue. Within all sectors, companies large and small should take “extra steps” especially now , to reach out and make sure that every single customer is a satisfied customer. But increasingly, the exact opposite is happening. Negativity is breeding more negativity. Negative employees create a negative interaction with customers, resulting in negative sales and the series continues.

We’ve all experienced it at one point or another. Suddenly servers that roll their eyes as they take off uncooked meat on the table, deserted front desk you’ve been waiting in front of over 10 minutes, unaware worker who lack answers and do not care to further assist you, and best of all: company does not blame the mistakes they have did

I recently called a large well-known grooming companies are interested in making an appointment for. My Pet. “Hold please,” the man said without giving me a chance to answer. I thought the line 4 minutes, when he returns, he says, “Hey. We are drowning in a day what can I do for you?” I tell him I need to make an appointment and discuss treatment I’m looking for, but he is chatting with someone else at the same time, hardly paying attention. “Ya, uh … Our groomer is totally booked so you’re going to have to call back another time.” After several attempts to ask for adequate time to call back without success, I proceeded to tell him that I will go elsewhere for treatment pet’s sake. He said “Ok then … bye.” I stand there amazed … jaw dropped and staring at my phone. I am sad to say, this was just one of many personal experiences that I’ve had with poor customer service and more and more in recent years.

Some blame it on the economy, and some blame it on stress, but the real reason for the lack of good service is because the people who provide it. If you need to improve customer service within the company, then immediately start with your staff and the three main points of interaction

In person SMILE. Happy staff means happy customers. Make sure staff take attendance customers immediately and greeted them. It is important for staff to be friendly, support, and caring for the needs of customers at all times. If they are not to assist the customer, make sure that they are given other options or send someone over who can help them immediately

The phone :. Be a professional and speak clearly over the phone. Never put customers on hold for more than a minute. If you need more time, let the customer know that you have to put them on hold. Always return phone calls in a timely manner and have the answers or discussion topics prepared before you call back

through e-mail :. It can appear rude by e-mail back within a day and never type in all caps. Are professional signature at the end of the email listing your contact information if the customer should contact you. Spell is very easy to use and it is necessary to maintain a professional image. Literacy is good!

With the increasing amount of “going out of business” sale and Chapter 11 filings, excellent customer service should be one of your main priorities. It is a very important factor that could predict the future success of any company. With a bit of optimism and with the right staff, improve customer service skills should be painless and effective. So keep employees happy should also be one of the main focuses you in improving customer service. Employee recognition programs, holiday and birthday gift programs, award ceremonies and galas or even travel rewards incentive great ideas to keep employee satisfaction high. After all, we know that happy employees equal happy customers!


Generation Gap


The concept of connecting with the community and groups, and therefore considered to be a social time; “Generation Gap” has been the subject of numerous studies that seek to explore the struggles and conflicts that are the result of a different opinion, thought, perception and even norms and values ​​that can be traced to a particular generation.

Since the advent of the industrial revolution, family structures have undergone major reversal, family in 1910 can not be compared with the family in 2010, they are poles apart in several ways. Industrial Revolution gave birth to the term “employee” who centuries later transformed man “corporate slave.” As people began to spend 20 of 30 is trying to build a career while setting off marriage and children until 40’s and their 50 , observers recorded an increase ‘older parents “in Western societies. This development is the main reason behind the wide generation gap between parents and teenagers today.

It is a fair observation to conclude that each decade has had certain traditional values ​​associated with it, the East parents 60 and 70 were certainly bounded by strict rules and regulations that promote religion and culture, but the West was only beginning view issues such as divorce, racism and drugs. Statistics indicate that between 1995 and 2010, 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce, a concept that was virtually unknown in saying the baby boomers generation 1946-1964. In today’s world, for example when a child looks at the possibilities of ending / her marriage with their “outdated” their parents more than a few eyebrows are raised. The sanctity of marriage is still held in very high regard by older generations who think Generation Y or Echo Boomers of 80’and 90 not recognize the sacred bond between a man and a woman. This difference in philosophy on such core aspects of life leads to arguments, resentment and conflicts in which children feel that parents are trying to control their lives by setting traditional rules on them.

Furthermore, in the Eastern communities, where arranged marriages are common phenomena, girls are often married off to much older men; causing rifts in the marriage because of the generation gap. When two people belonging to different generations in a changing world, every aspect of life is bound to be different. Even more trivial things as contrasting taste in music, clothes, idol, fads, hobbies and entertainment or more important issues, such as child rearing, financial decisions and career can cause marital strife generation gap affects how partners in marriage approach life in opposing ways . The relationship that this is likely to be based on aggression rather than equality.

Perhaps the most vivid example of the generation gap is a joint family system. A home organization based on both internal and extended family seeking shelter under one roof. So diverse system includes parents, children, grandparents, uncles and aunts collaborating together to drive home. Have the opportunity to interact with the elders of the family regularly can help the younger generation to take advantage of elderly wisdom, experience and good plethora of knowledge. The diversity that exists in the joint family, however, is a challenge for many as opponents argue that such a structure brings about the most damage on the minds of the young who feel suffocated when targeting other ways to deal with the same conditions cause the sale of the family because of communication problems .

In a nutshell, the generation gap is often considered to be the main cause of social problems such as divorce, breakup of families, parents, sale and disappearance of strong family bonds that were once a highlight of the traditional communities. If this difference in beliefs, values, perceptions and strategies are worked over with Effective Communication and mutual respect whether marital, parent-child or grandfather-grandson relationship, generation gap may actually be a progressive tool in understanding the community rather than an obstacle to healthy relationships.


Span of Management


Also known as span of control is a very important concept plan management functions. It refers to the number of subordinates who can be treated effectively with a superior organization. It represents how communications are planned between superior and subordinates in companies.

Span management is usually categorized under two heads- Narrow span and Wide span. Narrow Span management means a single manager or head oversees few subordinates. This gives rise to high structure. However, a wide span of management means a single manager or head oversees a number of subordinates. This gives rise to a flat structure structure.There is an inverse relationship between the span and the number of management levels in the organization, ie narrow span of management, a greater number of levels in the organization.

Narrow span management is more expensive compared to the wide span of management as there are a larger number of officers / managers and the more communication issues between different levels of management there. The less geographically dispersed subordinates are, the better it is to have a wide span of management as it would be possible for managers to stay in touch with the people and show them how to efficiently perform a task. If the narrow span of management, there are relatively more growth opportunities for subordinated as the number of levels is more.

The efficient and organized management is to fulfill its tasks, the better it is to have a wide span of management for such organizations. The less capable, motivated and confident employees are, the better it is to have a narrow span of management so that managers can spend time with them and monitor them carefully. The more standardized nature of projects, ie, if the same task can be performed using the same input, the better it is to have a wide span of management and more number of subordinates can manage one better. There is more flexibility, quick decision-making, effective communication between top-level and low-level management and better communication with customers in the case of wide span management. Technology advances such as mobile phone, mail, etc. makes it possible for officers to increase the span of control that it’s more effective communication.

optimal / ideal span of control according to modern authors is fifteen to twenty subordinates the manager, according to the traditional authors the ideal number is the six men on manager. But in reality, an ideal span of control depends on the nature of the organization, skills and abilities manager, staff skills and abilities, the nature of work, the communication needs between superior and subordinates.


The Labor Market and Concept workforce


Labor is all kinds of human effort put in or take advantage of production. In other words, it refers to man’s mental and physical exertions generated in the production process. Market on the other hand, the point or place or any means of communication where buyers and sellers can communicate with one another, to exchange goods and services at prices determined by market forces. The labor market is defined as the market where buyers and sellers of labor are in close contact where wages and other conditions of service are determined and agreed upon. Labor is a factor of production is generally bought and sold in the market.


force is the total number of persons available to provide labor for the production of economic goods and services. In other words, it is the total number of people of working age in the country who are able and willing to work according to the law. It is activated or labor, and it consists of all persons who have jobs and those who are looking for jobs in the labor market. They are usually found in the age bracket of 18 to 65 years. Working population vary from one country to another. Being a member of the workforce, will be of working age (18-65 years), being able-bodied, ie but not disabled. Mentally or physically, and must be willing to work. Individuals who are not members of the labor market

• School-age children (0-17 years)

• Elderly (over 65 years)

• disabled (physically or mentally)

• Persons even if they are able-bodied, but are unwilling to work.

demand for labor

Demand for labor is the total number of employees, employers are willing and ready to hire or rent at a certain time and a certain salary. Demand for labor is a derived demand for labor is not required for its own sake, but for what it can help produce. Factors affecting labor demand are:

1. Market size: The size of the market for goods and services produced determines the demand for labor. The larger the market, ie greater production of goods and services, the greater the demand for labor to produce the necessary goods and services.

2. Number of industries: the higher the number of sectors producing necessary goods and services, the greater the demand for labor

3. Give a percentage of the workforce, demand for labor by employers depends on the price of labor is offered for sale (workers). If labor is willing to accept low wages, labor demand will be high.

4. Candidates other factors: If other factors of production such as land and properties are available in large quantities to produce the necessary goods and services, there will be a corresponding high demand for labor.

5. Efficiency of labor: If the efficiency of labor is high, it would be a strong tendency for employers to engage more workers, and vice versa.

6. Demand for goods and services, demand for goods and services in the country can stimulate an increase in the demand for labor.

7. Nature Industries: Nature or industries- whether it is capital-intensive or labor-intensive will determine labor demand. The Labor-intensive industries will lead to high demand for labor.

8. Recruitment Agency: The state employment determines the demand for labor. If the economy has reached full employment, there will be little or no demand for labor if it is under-employment, there will be a demand for more work.

labor force

Availability of labor is the total number of people of working age available for employment at a certain time and a certain salary. In other words, the supply of labor can be referred to as service labor in the labor market. Factors that influence the supply of labor or the size of the workforce are as follows:

1. Size inhabitants of the land: the larger the population, the greater the number of labor to be present.

2. Official school leaving age: If the school leaving age is a low percentage of the labor force will be high.

3. Retirement Age exits public office will determine the labor force. The older the age, the more supply of labor and vice versa.

4. Pursue Higher Education: Many people in their quest for higher education go beyond the official entry age in the workforce.

5. The nation’s age: The structure of the population of the country is a significant determinant of the size of the labor force. The lower the dependent people, the greater the supply of labor will increase in the country with more number of people aged between 18 and 65 years.

6. The role of women in society: In some communities, women are generally prevented to participate in paid work due to religious, social and cultural factors, and this affects the size of the labor force.

7. The number of hours and days worked, number of hours per day and the number of working days in the week of the year also helps to determine the supply of labor.

8. The number of disabled: When the number of disabled people in high especially in the working population, the supply of labor will be low.

9. The number of people will not work: There are a certain number of able-bodied people who are also the age group between 18 and 65 years but are unwilling to work. If their population is high, it will affect the size of the labor supply.

10. Migration: The rate of migration can also affect the size of the labor force. If the rate at which the working population leaves the country is higher than the rate at which people come, it will lead to a decrease in labor supply.

11. Activities of trade unions Activities union may also affect the supply of labor. For example, when a long training is given to certain transactions, this may discourage people from engaging in such trade or profession which leads to a decrease in labor supply.

12. Government policies: Certain government policies can affect labor supply. For example, there are special laws made to exclude children and women to work in the ministries. This can reduce the labor supply of current or field.

In short, if the city has an average of 100 children a week of birth and 30 surgical cases in 2 months, how do you think the demand and supply would be 50 Gynecologists and 50 surgeons sending this city? Supply and demand of labor are both very important in our daily lives.


The idea of ​​cold feet or Wedding jitters


The idea of ​​wedding jitters or cold feet (leaving the bride or groom at the altar) is not a new phenomenon but has been around as long as each man in some form or shape.

Films like “Runaway Bride” and recent news in the media about brides walking away from the impending nuptials has reached our attention on more than one way.

What is behind this “Cold Feet” concept? I am sure that the root cause is some psychological reason for both men and women terrifyies them to take the plunge into holy matrimony. Leaving the Bride or Groom at Alter and undoing months of wedding planning and the cost is much more serious than usual anxiety attack suffered by an average person.

As many studies and surveys show that contrary to popular perception happy bride or groom to be wedding Many women and men find this time of transition very difficult and stressful period in their lives and some go to the extreme of not to go through with the wedding at all. Our society has experimented with many ways to deal with the fear of commitment, popular and now accepted norm living together before any serious long-term commitment.

The point is if it is more than normal panic attacks involved here, the Union needs to look carefully before taking the plunge into marriage (previously suspended Wedding day).

If both parties are sitting together and take a look at the practical aspects of relationships rather than emotional this is the anxiety and concerns can be addressed in a much more constructive way and will save a lot of heartache and embarrassment for all concerned. To have a lasting and successful alliance in what form it is best to get the little issues out of the way and then the big issue will be resolved in the same way. The key is communication. If you communicate fears and concerns in advance, it will not be the body of one of the altar on their wedding day.


Business Plan for Small Business – Testing Your Concept


A lot of entrepreneurs come up with what They think is a great idea and testing Before Their idea, They just start spending money. This is definitely the wrong approach. Slow and steady wins the day. If you have an idea and have it fully Developed; then it is time to test it. “How do you do that?” you ask. It is quite simple. You go and find people WHO are or have been in a similar business and you ask for Their opinion on your small business idea. And then Listen intently to what They have to say.

A lot of people make the mistake of NOT doing this and They are the ones That go on to make $ 10,000 Those mistakes. If you take the time to test your idea beforehand Putting your idea Into motion and spending money, you Will Be Able to catch yourself from making a big and costly mistake and also Allow you to refine your concept Before Putting it Into place. Find Those Who Will people give you an Objective opinion. They willhave owned the mistakes you’ll make if you do not listen to the theme.

So ask: “I am thinking of opening a ‘Something’ shop in ‘Somewhere ville’, what do you think ? ” I am sure They willhave some questions and you better be prepared to answer the theme:

What products are you going to carry?

How much are you Charging for themself?

Who do you see as your competition?

What hours are you going to be open?

What experience do your employees need to have?

How much money do you think you’ll make?

Customers Who are you?

They’ll challenge your assumption and may make you feel a tad uncomfortable if you are not prepared. That is good. You want that. You want to be put Into a position where you have to justify your decisionmakers to go Into small business.

If it appears as if your initial idea may be a little “sketchy” in Their opinion, go back and tweak it and then re-present it to themself. Now what do They think? Every time you have to go back and change a few things, you are working through your concept and it is your concept on sem your business plan is built. If people do not embrace your idea Because maybe the idea really does not have ‘legs’, do not be scared to walk away. You Can always come up with another idea. It Will send you back to the drawing board and save you having to complete the business plan, as well as spending a whole bunch of money. Whew. Sorry about that. I can not stress how Important this stage is in building a business plan for small business.

Once you have settled on your concept and Tested it, only now are you ready to do the real work. You have to take your idea and build a financial forecast and marketing strategy to see what sort of money you are going to make – yes, before you have signed a lease Even Hired or an employee.


The Amazing Concept of price action and trading without indicators


I do something like term price action and trading without evidence is lost in the current business world we live in now. When the business community goes insane over the latest flavor of the day. In a business world that has all these brand new clues trading robot, the position of the art business software, etc … we are definitely one of style over content .

The idea of ​​just looking at nude pictures (no evidence) may not appeal to a whole lot of people. They are likely to say “what will I be able to see to watch it?” And my answer would be all .

Without all the filler and the BS that goes on business tablet nowadays, you get to see the market in the most real picture. With price action you get to see

The Trend – You always hear about people saying trade with the trend. Well, frankly I do not know any other way to spot trends without looking at the price action. I can assure you that moving averages do not cut it

Support and Resistance Areas -. Once you know what to look for, its so obvious to spot. A basic histogram is such as x-ray on the market. It tells you exactly how traders are reacting to the price movement and in response, it is clear that there are spots in the market as traders are waiting

The Future prices . – It’s all about the fact that all markets have price action patterns that are repeated again and again, which can be used to forecast and predict future price movement. It goes back to the old adage “ Those who fail history are doomed to repeat it


Timeshare Concept – Pros and Cons


Everyone loves to travel and wants to enjoy some kind of comfort, safety and benefits of excellent accommodation facilities during the journey. All travelers have their own preferences tourist destination and often prefer to visit this place every year at a fixed time. But the rush of tourists to these places, it is not always possible to get accommodation in the relevant places especially during peak tourist season. Therefore, many companies have come up with a solution to offer timeshare properties. Timeshare properties give people part ownership of these properties for a certain specified time to pay a certain price, mostly one time.

They can use this feature when they are on vacation at a fixed time of the year every year. Along with accommodation in a luxury resort, including these charges also fees of other amenities like swimming pools, basketball or tennis courts, libraries, etc. When people want to vote on a new tourist place or simply change the time of the visit, they can just transfer ownership to another timeshare owner and business weeks with them in exchange for their assets.

The main advantage of this concept is that you do not have to worry about accommodation in your favorite resort when you visit a place of their choice. You have to pay fees once only and then you can benefit as long as your ownership not get over. The prices are good and often discounts are also available.

But the main disadvantage is to get rid of timeshare properties is difficult. When people feel they can not afford to keep the property, they sell it simply which means bad business for timeshare companies. Often when they want to transfer ownership they have to face the harrowing experience of paperwork, finding a suitable buyer, corporate communication, pay fees, etc.

Own timeshare properties has its own pros and cons. So think twice before you invest in one.


Self Concept


This article was written to give a better understanding of self worth. It will not be possible to assess the strengths, weaknesses, performance or confirmation from others. The only thing that matters is the one who created us and accept ourselves. You may publish it if the resource box is left intact.

Success in life is determined by self-concept. We should therefore do everything in our power to make positive feelings about our self while keeping our humility. What we achieve largely on self belief. If we think we can do it, we can. If we do not expect a lot of ourselves, we will not go very far up the ladder.

Those who identify themselves with their work or family can lose their identity when they retire, or their loved ones die. People also identify themselves with their strengths and weaknesses. Some ignore their weaknesses and believe they have no restrictions. Others associate themselves with their weaknesses.

We need to know us we belong. We can think well of us that we were created in God’s image. Self-esteem should not be based on performance or consent of the other, but with the consent of divinity and self.

We are often proud of our ability, but ashamed of our weaknesses. We are reluctant to be associated with weakness, but we all have them. Most of us do not fully understand the weaknesses. Paul was so overwhelmed by one of his weaknesses, he asked God to remove it three times. The Lord said to him in second Corinthians 12: 9, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.”

How can God’s power is made perfect in weakness? It is difficult for us to understand, but it is the way our relationship with the Lord works. We are weak and he is powerful. Our salvation was made possible because Christ was crucified in weakness, yet he lives by the power of God (2 CO 13: 4). When we die, our bodies are sown in weakness and raised in power (1Co 15:43). Our weakness can be turned on the strength of faith (Hebrews 11:34).

We often fail to realize that the weakness serve a purpose. We should not be ashamed of them because they are part of our identity. Our strengths and weaknesses tell us who we are. We were all designed by the Creator. We are unique, there are no other exactly like us. He gave us all exactly what the strengths, weaknesses and individual circumstances in life to achieve their purpose.

God knew Jeremiah before he formed in the womb and designed him to speak to his people. He raised Nebuchadnezzar to punish them by taking them to Babylon. He used Cyrus to deliver them. Our task may not be as dramatic, but it is important.

The fact that we have both strengths and weaknesses helps us narrow down what he wants us to do for him. It is obvious that we are not expected to serve out the weaknesses of one. It’s hard enough to complete our work without trying it with incompetence. It is not fair that the Lord would inspire someone who can not talk to a preacher, or disabled individual

to be a great runner, though his ways are not always make sense to us.

Generally we assess our strengths and weaknesses, and decide which areas to work in. Gut feelings evaluate through common sense and soul-searching. Humanity weak less honorable, but God gives them more honor, to make us full (1Co 00:23).

No one has complete strength or weakness. The important thing is not to be paralyzed by our weaknesses, but to work around them. Desire and determination are the most important elements in each position. Without their failure is inevitable, and with them, the success can be accessed at almost any weaknesses.


Fooling Mosquitoes with Dragonfly silhouettes?


Mosquitoes often are viruses such as West Nile virus and avian flu might also, though we do not know for sure yet? Is it possible to stop the mosquitoes eat us alive on front porches our silhouettes Dragon Flies or bats, which are mosquitoes natural prey? If they see one, they might stay away?

Well this topic recently came up in an online think thank, in fact, this silhouette ideas work of bees they get and see it is not a real flower, with other senses. We use the same kinds of ideas for the Stealth Radar signature practices against Real our units. As silly as this sounds it could work.

Mosquitoes have very few enemies, bats and dragonflies and Mosquito eat “Daddy Long Legs” mosquitoes. They are good ones. They like to eat small species of mosquitoes, which seem like birds and Humans? Bird Flu and West Nile spreaders.

I think dragonflies are insects coolest and they make a lot of sense to make Micro-Mechanical Vehicles from, to copy the design until we can take it to the next step miniaturization of sensors. Good stuff, but again this silhouette idea, what if we did a little research and it worked? Consider this in 2006.